Friday, November 11, 2005


Prickly People!

I just remembered a client of my wife, he's older than us and him and his wife went to our new place a few weeks back. Wifey toured the new place to them and the only thing that came out of his mouth is "Isn't it a little dark?" when he saw our masters bedroom. The color is like dark swampy green (which we feel is really nice and cozy), I wasn't there during that time but wifey just let it go. His wife was happy for us and especially when she saw the backyard, she couldn't believe it was so big....but no peep from him for any positive thing. Being a guy I've encountered pricks because I was probably one too :) but it's just shameful that someone at his age would be such an arrogant prick and would only notice "negative" things. Well now that I'm writing about it he's actually an average person, someone who only sees the mistakes and doesn't see the beauty of things. A pessimist in life, a person who thinks only his point of view matter? No? Just to make fun of it all I'll try to determine why he's a prick.

Why is he a Prick:
1. He's 40ish and noticed that life is passing him by and it just drove him to be a bitchy bastard.
2. He's probably a dork when he was a kid and always getting picked on so he only see the "negative side" of things.
3. His penis is small.
4. He just doesn't have manners or didn't learn good manners growing up. He should go to John Robert Powers.
5. Mommy never paid that much attention to him and always criticized him.
6. He's jealous that people younger than him have more assets. Well Fuck off, we sacrificed vacation, shopping, luxury, new car, and other things to acquire what we have. This year we've only gone to the coast for our vacation and THAT IS IT while you've gone to a different country, out of state trips, etc. etc. in the span of 3 months.
7. He realized he couldn't show off to people younger than him and he's pissed off. Well lick donkey ballz biaotch, it's not what you have it's who you are that's important.
8. He realized his nice cars weren't gonna get him a house and now it's too expensive to get one and we have two already.
9. He was just born a prick. I can live with that ;)
10. His penis is small.


Blogger Scott said...

Ding Ding! I think that we have a winner Alex. What is the prize for a small penis?
That's right Dick, we do have a winner! He got the grand prize of a cold shoulder wife and a daily pill treatment.

(very funny, but how true... I wouldn't be surprised if all 1 -10 were true!)

10:07 AM  

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