Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Save on Holiday Shopping!

Wallet Talk Wednesday!

Save! Save! Save! via Coupons and Sale

I'll start of with a rant.... ARRRRGGGGHHHHH I didn't want to but I had to.... I had to...I had to.... I had to get a monitor because my old monitor is already blurry and it was hard to do work on it last night. I had a hard time finishing some work I took home because it was blurry so I bought a new monitor. The only redemption is that I was able to buy it at a good price and another guy was able to get it too because he heard me talking with the sales guy about it. His coupon shows a $50 rebate for a 17" Flat Panel monitor for a total of $199 after rebate, my coupon shows $50 rebate for a 19" Flat Panel monitor for a total of $199 so he was also able to get the 19" for the same price he would have paid for the 17". I also told him where I get my coupons so next time he can get better deals :) We even chatted a little and I learned he still plays video games especially with his kid, he also got divorced and that his X-wife had issues with him playing games but his new wife doesn't mind so I bet he's happier now. Oh well, my old monitor served its purpose, I had it for around 2 yrs and spent $80 for it so I guess it's fine.

For this session I'll have something that will directly affect buyers....

OK Black Friday is the DAY after Thanksgiving when a lot, and I mean ALOT of retailers have their biggest sale of the year since this is the period where people shop for the holidays too. I think the next one would be the week after Christmas, if the retailers didn't meet their quotas they'll be having tons of sale during this period too but on to Black Friday since it's just around the corner:
Check this site out you will definitely find a good deal if you're looking for something.

Personally I don't like gift giving on X-mas so I tell my wife to give the most practical and not so expensive gift. I won't get into details on that one though so enjoy the holidays.

Online Printable Coupons from various stores like Best Buy, Borders, Bath and Body, etc. etc. I normally get Borders coupons from this site when buying books at borders. This site is always updated:
WOW Coupons (Free Online Coupons)

Normally your Local Newspaper or Magazine will also have coupons or sale online, that's where I normally find good deals too. Like around my area we have San Jose Mercury News/Contra Cost Times with online ads:
San Jose Mercury News Newspaper Ads

Contra Cost Times Shop Local

Food: You can actually just be a member of restaurants then you get emails on their deals. Pretty good for those quick snacks when you need them.
Round Table

Also coupons could be available on your grocery shops:
Longs Drugs

You should also try out online grocery shopping if there is one close to you, it saves time that you can use to do things instead of going to the grocery store and spending time roaming around and getting the stuff you want. You have to pay for delivery but it does pay off with the time you can spend with family, studying, etc. etc.

Also check out services like UPROMISE.."a service that gives you cash back towards college for various types of shopping activities, from shopping online to buying certain groceries to dining out"..I got this from MyMoneyBlog Jonathan

Thumbs up for the good Deals!


Blogger FunkyB said...

Good deal! I went cruisin' for a flat panel and came home with nada. Why are television sets only $99.00, but a flat panel is the price of a small used car?

3:48 PM  
Blogger Norman said...

yeah, I actually got a 32" LCD flat panel HDTV for $900 during one of the sale around here, given it's not top of the line but I don't need top of the line as long as it works and decent. You'll find one just keep on looking :)

4:50 PM  

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