Thursday, November 03, 2005

Battle Scars: Finger Bang


During the course of fixing up and getting major work done to our house I went through a couple of major scars. The worse one was when I was drilling a pilot hole (small hole for the screw to go in) my drill bit snagpped and guess where the drill went? Through my pointy finger…when I pulled it out the drill took some meat with it…blood was dripping mad and wifey got the bandage and ointment while I was wasdhing it with soap and pressing it to make sure the blood and any dirt goes out, I’m experienced in taking care of my wounds since my mom’s a nurse and she normally takes care of cuts, colds, flu and bruises when I was young, she only took us to the doctor if we’re really sick. While washing it I was feeling faint because of the pain and I actually thought it went through the other side of my finger, good thing it didn’t but it seem to have hit my bone. Wifey wanted to call 911 but I didn’t want to, I just neeed time to get myself together and patch it up, I was initially thinking of getting to a doctor check if the bone got hit but I realized that he won’t replace the bone or do anything, he’ll just probably give me some medication or ointment and let it heal anyways. So when I felt better I got some aspirin, wifey bandaged my finger and we just called a handyman to finish the work that I was trying to get done. :P

Fingerbangged #1

The next one was when I was setting up our network, I was going through the carpet to place the cat5 cables for the router and the main machine when my hand scraped through the carpet retainer (the flat wooden strip with small nails that holds the carpet down) and my right thumb got some layer of skin scraped off :P I just washed the blood off and continued doing my work. Wifey saw it and asked me "what are you doing? you should rest!" I just kept on doing what I needed to do. What can I say, I’m your average normal guy, doesn’t ask for directions, beer (and wine) drinking, fornicating, doesn’t go to the doctor, actually I do get a checkup at once a year, getting wounds and scrapes, which are fine as long as they are far from the heart….well and the brain, and the spine. It’s all good. I'm just your average wham bam good bye mam kinda guy :P

Fingerbangged #2

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