Thursday, November 10, 2005

Arnie got Smacked in the Head in California

Arnold got smacked like a biaotch in the ballot! Will He Be Back? Or is it Asta Lavista Arnie?

Californians reject Governor Schwarzenegger's initiatives and got smacked bad on the ballot initiatives that he was pushing for. Personally I think it’s stupid to spend $50 Mil on issues that doesn’t directly affect Californians. I saw the opposition’s ad’s and I knew he’s going to get his ass handed to him. You don’t fight the middle class without sweetening the deal or getting the people’s take on it, I didn’t vote because it’s obvious that he’s going to get creamed anyways, fighting teachers, firefighters, unions, nurses, police, etc. WTF they are the middle class, WE are the middle class and we don’t need initiatives that doesn’t affect us NOW, there is nothing on his initiatives that I can relate to, it just sounds like union busting and some political maneuvering to me.

What issues will make me vote:

GAS/OIL - related initiatives, put tax on it or use reserve oil to push the prices down, I don’t know what but do something about it.

TAX – the state is in deficit, increase tax somewhere….how about increasing sales tax on Luxury SUV’s and Luxury Cars? They are gas guzzlers and if people can afford them, they can pay a little more to help the state.

ECONOMY – I’ve been hearing and noticing businesses going out of state because of the cost of having their business here is pretty high. Even families are moving out due to the cost of living in California. Employment isn’t hot too, it’s better than before as I do see folks getting jobs fairly quick now compared to before but you still can’t feel the air being financially sound. Get businesses in the state, get the investors in the state, push education like give credits for people getting higher education, I’d love to get my MBA but I’m not getting paid enough to take care of school and bills ;P

BUT I still do admire Arnold, people don’t know this but he’s one of the “American Dream.” He grew up in Austria, became a bodybuilder there, leveraged bodybuilding and came to US and learned about business (he was going to business school while doing bodybuilding), became an actor, got into various business deals (last I know he’s worth close to a billion dollars) then became a governor. I have an old book about him where he did say he wants to be a governor and it became true, he’s now the Governor of California. He might not be the best politician out there but he’s a determined and passionate individual to get to where he's at right now and I like that about him.
Will he win a 2nd term though? Hard to say since he just shot himself in the foot with his ballot initiatives that the people don't want and now he's not looking very good, alienating the democratic and independent middle class of the state. It's up to what he does starting today that will make a difference. Stop thinking or being like an Elitist, get intouch with SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and learn some humility and publicity from him. I've seen him personally in a convention, he's always out there, he pushed for Stem Cell research to be centered in SF, he's everywhere attracting business, getting itouch with immigrants, he's just where people are, and he's getting involved and getting "one" with the people without throwing any politics in the mix.




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