Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Do you remember?

Reflections of a TEENAGER…;) YES I'm still a Teenager.

Well every time you get a year older it’s always nice to reminisce about the past and the good old days. I guess it’s also a good time to reflect on what the future will bring, but like most people I’m clueless about the future and like most men, I’ll probably just scratch my balls and grab a drink and think about it when it hits me. Well blogging is a great tool that I use as a journal for myself and as a way to share knowledge and experience to other people with the same interest and views in life (I save the blogs I make monthly on my local drive so I can always look back on how I think and what I did) so thanks to my friend, Tobie, who got me into blogging.

I don't have any written outline of what I'd like to write down so I’ll probably just randomly put in my $1 (due to inflation it’s not 2 cents anymore, it costs a dollar now for my thoughts) about life and what it contains.

Friends – yes I miss all my friends, HS to college, more college than HS though, I do have various friends from different walks of life, I guess because Friends have in them a small part of you which is why the connection is there so I do have various types of friends. In college, a close friend of mine actually said that I’m a paradox because I’m a nerd and into sports, normal guy but into arts, spender but thrifty with good business sense, crazy but have common sense, conservative in some and liberal in others. I'm just weird I guess.

Time – time use to be on my side when I was young, on weekends or the summer time I’ll just lounge all day, help in the house, do nothing, read a book, use computer, meet friends, go out and get drunk till the weeee hours in the morning. Now it’s a luxury that shouldn’t be wasted.

Family – I’m sure you heard of a saying about Blood being Thicker than water. Yes Blood is thicker than water, I don’t always get in touch with my family but if they NEED something I’m sure to provide it. Family is always there even if your viewpoints are not the same or you might not agree with their opinions they’ll be there or rather I’ll be there for Family (let’s just say sometimes Blood doesn’t always push through for you) BUT the only thing I don’t want Family and even Friends to try to even get involved with me is in BUSINESS and MONEY MATTERS. I’ve seem family fighting over money, business and the will of the head of the family and I tell you it’s very ugly. I’ll share experiences and tips but WILL NEVER GET INVOLVED. There’s also a saying that “It’s better to develop friends from business than to develop business with friends.”

Arts – Music, Poetry, Novels, Paintings, Film, Sculptures, etc. etc. are all great and I believe a person should at least be able to appreciate 1 form of art. Life will be so bland without art appreciation. I like reading poetry and looking at paintings too.

Education – One of the NEEDS a person must satisfy. Is not only contained in the 4 corners of the classroom. Specialty is also a key factor for your career goals, it’s hard to actually decide what you want to be when you grow up? I’m still deciding on what I want to be and a lot of people still doesn’t have any idea on what they want to be when they grow up, but if you received education on specific skill like accounting, IT, medicine, photography, etc. you can work and pay your bills while you decide on what you REALLY want to be when you grow up :P

Sports – Sports is good for the health and a social tool too. If I was genetically gifted I’d love to be an athlete ;) Education Trumps sports on my book though.

Money – Is a basic need, it’s used as the medium for trade and services. A funny thing is that watching MTV when I was young I thought it’ll be easy to be wealthy…well a decade after that and I know it’s hard to be wealthy BUT kids these days still think they’ll be rich… rich people are like 4% of the population, LOL I guess being delusional is normal for teens my generation and the next ones. Here's a Washington Post Article on teens thinking they will become rich someday CLICK ME.

Never mind TOLERANCE, it must be ACCEPTANCE. Tolerance is like having the gun pointed, lock and loaded with your trigger on the finger but the switch is on the safe position. You can fire anytime and just have a switch that holds it all back.
Acceptance is learning, respecting, educating and knowing. It's putting your gun to the holster, securing it in place and putting out your hand for a handshake.

Underwear- yes an underwear can last for a long time. There are sides A & B and AA &BB and sometimes AAA & BB for weekly use har har har. Bacon strips? Yes that's fine as long as it holds :)

Women's publication on Men- it's ALL Bull Crap. I'm sick of seeing those articles that says make your man happy 100 ways, satisfy your man's needs in 1million ways.....It doesn't take 50, 100, 200 ways to satisfy or make a man happy. Men are simple creatures, give us something to do + eat + sleep + get some + manly conversations(sports + women + sex + stuff), that's about it..... it will probably only go up to 10, if the guy is metro-sexual then it will probably go up to 15, that's about it.

Hi-Tech - a term used back in the days. It's important to be tech familiar, even secretaries now a days needs to know how to use a computer. I've seen just dos commands, bat files, pctools, the possessed virus, BBS, dig dug and price of persia, windows 3.1, karateka ;)

Marriage - Well the marriage contract should be as much paperwork as buying a house. With the divorce rate 40ish% if I remember right, man it should be thought as much as when purchasing a house or property. What happened to "sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and death do us part?" It should take a week to finish up signing a marriage contract. Ever heard of the saying "Marriage Works"? well it's because "Marriage is a work in progress", here's something pretty easy to grasp, if you have siblings or relatives that you grew up with, love and care for and also get into harsh fights and misunderstanding DON'T BE DELUDED that you will not encounter any misunderstanding with another person that you didn't even grow up with and didn't spend your childhood with will :P

Food - I love eating different types of food and trying out various dishes. I just found a nice blog concerning food adventure in Cali "California Eating"

Ok all done for the day ;)

I’m almost out of my teen years, married to my lovely wifey, have great friends and family, have 4 cute pets, 2 houses, 2 businesses, 1 job, 2 cars, 1 nasty neighbor (old bastards, you’re not going to bother my life bitches and crazy mofos). Life is good so love life and live.


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