Friday, November 04, 2005

Dinner Date! Birthday wants

Fancy Friday! B-Day coming in, I'm getting old.

We will definitely go out for dinner tonight in a nice restaurant with wine, steak, cheesecake ;)

And since it's also my B-Day next week we'll be celebrating it this weekend. Well I normally don't care about my B-Day, all it is for me is the realization that I'm getting close to the "finish line" hahahaha.
So wifey asked me what I wanted and thinking hard, since I don't want to waste resources, I thought of these:
1. To satisfy the "Nerd" inside:
1.a. Upgrade my machine to 1.5-2Gig ram> Decided on adding 512MB more instead of a gig. I do have a lot of stuff that runs on my machine and 1.5Gig should be enough to handle them all.
1.b. Upgrade my machine with an additional 300Gig HDD > Nah, I'll buy when I need more space, I have around 100Gig of free space I think.
1.c. Set up video surveillance around the house for security (a just in case shit happens tool). > This will be a fun toy and a practical additional security gadget to have. I'll be getting a wireless video network cam, can't believe how cheap they are now.
1.d. Maybe get a new monitor, my 21' has blurry text on the bottom part already. > Nah, last on my list. Not a need, flat screen montiors are still expensive for my taste. Maybe if I find a 2nd hand well priced 21'er.

Oh gotta get new speakers, my old speakers are dying, I'll just get those cheap ones, don't really listen too much on my computer anyways.

2. To satisfy the "I want to be wealthy too" inside:
2.a. Have some investment money to play with. > Probably put some money on my account with Scottrade.
3. To satisfy the insides of my Tummy:
3.a. A nice dinner with wine and NY Steak and all the side dishes, deserts and trimmings that will give me a heart attack ;) Harharharhar....Hmmmm

Fancy Friday will be continued with pics and stuff chow!

Sound Blaster Speakers (Free after rebate), Airlink wireless network camera , OCZ 512MB memory

I'm still thinking if I need to replace my monitor....hmmm....well dinner time in a few will play with my new toys when I get back or play with them tomorrow if wine flows in my throat like the autumn rain from heaven.

Super Uber Great dinner with wifey... had great food with great wine and great conversation, the Sterling Cab is a great table wine, for NY steak wine I preferred the Copolla Syrah from Napa vs. the Jade Mountain Syrah from Napa. Great Start for the weekend, you guys and gals have a good weekend. I won't be able to upgrade my machine tonight as my coordination is not at its best ;) Have a good one.. It's by Birth Day Biaotch I'm 28 already I'm getting old.....

Wine is Divine, here are my extras for tomorrow....


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ah.. a fellow scorpio! happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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