Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blog Rush!

Some Poetry in Me!

Not being able to go online for a week just made me starved surfing, blogging and sending emails to friends ;)

Below is a poem I made about 7 yrs ago. My friends who are known writers would edit my works and said that before I'd rampantly use "nothingness" which they didn't like, especially Ricci (Nerisa Guevara '99 poetry awardee of the Palanca Awards) which I now understand as I'm older and a little wiser. I now see that there is no such thing as nothing(ness), maybe empty but not nothing :P

The Merchant from


Blood and sweat
For gold and diamond,
Time turned bones brittle,
Made dust of his hand.

Plays with
His silver heirloom
Bending and twisting it,
For beer and whore,
Found dead in an alley
With only dust in his hand.



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