Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kitty Paws News Update Nov 6 2005

Tommy's Sunday Speak: 'Pack and Play'

Pussy Cat Tommy blogging on his laptop.

It's soooo great to be back online again. It's been so tiring and busy with us moving and it's such a new place that our litter box and food box is in a different place now, I've been so confused that I sometimes took my pee pee on Daddy and Mommy's bed, they get so mad and don't let me in the room anymore but I kiss them and it makes everything all right. My new house is nice, I have such a big backyard now but there was this incident a few days back where I was outside playing and this one big black cat bullied me...I cried and cried and tried to fight back but the cat gave me a scratch on my belly. Good think mommy heard me and went outside and scared the cat away, daddy even went home to check on me to make sure my wounds are not really bad and he said that Big Dog Brother Diesel will be out too to watch over me when I'm outside so if any other cat tries to bully me they'll be surprised to see Big Brother Diesel around. I've been running around and playing but I'm still not used to the place, good thing the couch that I sleep on is here too so I know where I should lay down and sleep. My first week was hard because mommy and daddy didn't let us out of the room, they let us stay there for a long time before they let us go around the house. Now I'm getting use to the place, the backyard is big and nice, mommy kat Fiona brought home a gopher yesterday too, I think she hunted it in our backyard:) Well enjoy your week as I'll just be lounging and playing around here.

Sleepy Head Pussy Kat Tommy, done sufing the net.

Big Brother Tigger Lounging on the couch

Mom Kat Fiona Cleaning Herself after the hunt!


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