Thursday, November 10, 2005

Interesting News!

Interesting: Golder Retriever Gives Birth to a GREEN, yes GREEN puppy:

One pup in a litter of four is color green, vet says it could be because of the placenta that could have rubbed on the pup.

Read more at Click 2 Houston!

Sad/Weird: A woman wants to sue her mother's doctor:

"Alexia Harriton was born deaf, blind, physically and mentally disabled, and requires 24 hour a day care, a news agency reported.

Her lawyers claim her mother's doctor was negligent in failing to diagnose rubella infection early in the pregnancy and wrongly reassured Olga Harriton that her child would not be affected."

Read more at Hindustan Times!

Weird: Paul McCartney Beam Concert into SPACE!

Title says it all....


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