Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kitty Paws News Update Nov 12+1 2005

Tommy's Sunday Speak: 'Webs Spinning, Bells Ringing.'

Pussy Cat Tommy with his new collar with bell.

This week was a fun week as always. Daddy let me out a lot of times during the day so I can roam around and get used to the backyard. I even saw this spider up top of the bushes but I wasn't able to catch it. I was trying real hard to get to it but daddy took me down and told me not to bother it coz it eats flies. Dad likes spiders I think because he made sure he didn't mess up the spiders web. So I was running around and playing around while Daddy cleans up Big Dog Brother Diesel's poop or cut some weeds and bushes which was fun. This weekend Daddy had a surprise for me and Big Kat Brother Tigger, daddy put collars on us with bells. At first it was very very so so irritating but we got used to it now everytime we move fast there are bells ringing and now they know where we are all the time too I guess. It was a busy week for dad and mom though coz I noticed that they were busy doing a lot of stuff and going in and out of the house while I play tag with Big Kat Brother Tigger.

My Play Yard.

The Spider I was trying to play with.


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cute pussy!!!!! nice place you got there!

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