Monday, November 14, 2005

Active Week!

Fitness Day Monday: Like a Train

The good thing with working out is that when you start going you run like a train non stop. Last week was a great week, lifted weights on Tuesday and Thursday (body was sore coz I haven't lifted much weights for a while) and Wed-Fri did 45 min cardio. And to add to that on Sunday I did a lot of backyard work, cleaning and clearing up all the weeds and the thorny vines that the last owner left. I ate a lot during the weekend though but hopefully it won't be that bad because I made sure I ate a lot of chicken and fish instead of pork and beef. I'm thinking if I need to calorie count again, the results are amazing if you count your calories and cycle it for faster results but I might not have time to do that so I'll probably just keep it the way it is right now.

Tuesday - Cardio 15 min + Weights: Chest 3 x 12 reps, Biceps 2 x 12, Triceps 2 x 12, Abs 3 x 12
Wednesday - Cardio 45 min
Thursday - Cardio 15 min + Weights: Legs 3 x 12, Back 3 x 12, Calves 2 x 12, Delts 2 x 12
Friday - Cardio 45 min to


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