Monday, November 21, 2005

Weed Whacker!

Fitness Day Monday: 'Weed Whacking Workout'

Last week was an ok week for fitness, I had 2 sessions at the gym lifting weights and the weekends cleaning up the backyard and garage. Most of my tiring activity was cleaning up the weeds and the vines that were left by the previous owner to grow and takeover a big portion of the backyard. I'm still far from making it perfectly clean and clear for wifey and myself to put new stuff there but we're getting there. I'll probably spend some time during the holidays to clean it up, the sooner the better too since it's getting cold and it's pretty hard to wake up in the morning and do some backyard work when it's cold...brrrr...Joints and muscles are sore, I won't do cardio today, treat today as my rest day and will just start again tomorrow. I just remembered needing to get supplements too, I'll probably get some later at site, some supplement for pre-workout would be nice. Probably have to get two too, wifey will be using it too.


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