Thursday, November 17, 2005

Busy Bee!

Rand0m RAmbL1NgS!

It's been such a busy period lately..... but it's a great time too. I'm now an uncle. My elder brother just had their baby this week so I'm officially an uncle. Well they say uncles normally prepare the children for life so I hope when my nephew grows up I can teach him about life in general.

Other than that there are so many things to do that I'll probably spend Thanksgiving holiday studying and working on house stuff which is a good positive way to spend the free time anyways.

1. Study for Certification and re-educate myself on new technologies
2. Study for business and career reasons
3. Clean up the backyard so the extra space will be usable


You can't choose your neighbors but you can choose to ignore them. We have b1a0tch azz neighbors in the area who just complains and complains about everything. I think it's because they are old ba$turds and they could be bigots or just sick of their life and have nothing better to do. I should send em v!brators and blow up dolls so they can do something productive. The great thing is that one of our next door neighbor is such a great couple that they balance the others that are POS. I hope God shines their light upon our idiot neighbors and talk to them in heaven in how it is to be neighborly as soon as possible ;)

For our Nasty Neighbors and Old People that doesn't have anything better to do in life than to be BITTER and mess with other people. F#*K YOU! May the finger of the light come inside though where the sun doesn't shine....


Blogger FunkyB said...

Congratulations, Unc!

I have neighbors that play LOUD classic country and sing along ... every weekend ... after 11pm.

Hell? Oh yes you betcha!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Norman said...

haha tnx.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Saint Eroica said...

i wish i can post my pic with my version... ;)

8:00 AM  

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