Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kitty Paws! Nov 20 2005

Tommy's Sunday Speak: 'Strangers and Spaces'

Pussy Cat Tommy and Tigger sleeping under the dining chair.

It has been a crazy week for me, last Friday when the garage was open I went out of the house and roamed around the neighborhood. When I went back to the house mom and dad wasn't there and I couldn't get it the house, they seem to have went out somewhere. I was sooo hungry and lonely that I went knocking to our neighbor and I'm glad that she took me in. She gave me food and a litter box and gave me a bed, then in the morning she took me back to mom and dad, they were so happy to see me and they always make sure now that I'm in the house before they go to sleep. Dad and mom was busy during the weekend too, dad cleaned up the backyard we have so much space now and we can climb the trees, mom rested a lot and cleaned up the house too. So I've just been climbing trees and running around lately, I was trying to catch some flies but they seem to be too fast for me right now. When I grow older I hope to catch a lot of them though.

Old Backyard with weeds.

New Backyard! Trees are fun.


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