Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Investment Thoughts!

Wallet Talk Wednesday: Investment Thoughts on putting money to funds.


Well I've been lagging on taking care of wifey's retirement funds. I have her funds vested into INTERNATIONAL mutual funds and VALUE mutual funds which I'll reasses next year. I still have some portion to invest though so I'll put them to INTERNATIONAL funds again seeing as I see China and India and other asian countries boosting their economy and production. Included are Vietnam and Singapore. I give 5 years of economic boom in the Asian region.

Here are my common sense breakdown:

1. China - All manufacturing jobs are going here. Furnitures that we got were all made in China, clothes and computer parts and other household items are made here. Companies from China has been acquiring various companies to boost their brand and products too. China also have a great pool of engineers.
2. India - Tech jobs are being outsourced to India and they also manufacture various products. Their pool of engineers are some of the best in the world that's why Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Oracle and other major IT/System/Service companies have facilities in India either by call centers, research labs, middle management positions, etc. etc.
3. Singapore - I've read news that their economy is strong with incresing IT pool and with their government being pro business and with being the 5th of the least corrupt countries it's a very good place to be in business.
4. Vietnam - I've read that they have been exporting shrimps, rice, textile and various other products. I think they will be a major agricutural exporter in the future.

My previous Investment Thought was back in 2003, when we got our 1st house and the housing boom is going strong. I told wifey that by 3 to 5 years the housing will cool down due to the sharp increase and soon people will not be able to afford the prices and they will be put in a "2 Income Trap" position. And a lot of people who went in head on using variable interest without being ready for a spike in monthly payments will have to sell their house or, I hope not for their sake, go into forclosure. Housing market has cooled down here in California, and I think it's about time, with interest rising and housing prices are high too. I'll get more into real estate next time ;)


Blogger Saint Eroica said...

what about the phils? errrr... human export? ;)

7:48 AM  
Blogger Norman said...

PI- brain drain, a lot of the smart and skilled folks are leaving the country :(

10:06 AM  

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