Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fancy Friday! We now have 2 fancy 32" LCD TV! Wine will be nice later ;)

It was a fun thanksgiving and Black Friday, we spent our time with relatives yesterday, had dinner, laughs, wine and great conversation and went home to check on what are on sale. We weren't planning to buy anything on Black Friday because we already have all the stuff that we need but there was a sale on a 32" LCD TV for < $700 which was the price we paid for our 27" and since we bought our 32" for around $900 too we decided to replace them with 2 sub 700 bucks LCD TV's which saved us around $200. Then I saw a 19" LCD monitor that is on sale and would end up cheaper than mine so I returned mine and got the one on sale. It was a tiring day in the mall but it was well worth it, I even found a "friend", while walking to the end of the line at 5:00AM PST a "kababayan" guy called me and told me to stick with him, at first I didn't want to because some people was there before me but he told me that the line goes up to the back of the building and that he's been there since 3:30AM and he's not even close to the door so it's best I stick with him. We talked a bit, I got to know about his situation and his challenges being an immigrant, we traded info and tips and when we got inside I thanked him and went to the stuff I wanted to get, when I saw him again I pointed to him where to get the TV that was on sale so he won't run out and since he had to leave early (he had work at 8AM) I'd like to give him a heads up on where to get what he wants (I know the shop really well). Well I got what I wanted, saves some dough too but's a fun shopping experience...I should have taken my camera and got some photos of the line and some folks really cleaning out the shop... :)


Blogger Saint Eroica said...

Wow thanksgiving! I have been wondering about it cuz we don't have it here! nothing to thank for in this land of the corrupt and aholes!

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