Saturday, August 05, 2006

Photo Story: Luxury Living eh?

It was a tiring day today, the morning started like any regular morning, woke up too early for the weekend due to the habit of waking up early on weekdays. Got our dog outside and did some cleaning, proceeded to do some work as the project I'm working on is in a kind of a rush. Then we went to my sister's new house a few miles from our place and helped them unpack, got back settled in and while wifey's fighting the cold or flu I decided to do more research for work and drink some wine. I didn't want to drink my red today so I got a Bordeaux instead as I only drink white when I don't want to waste my reds (except white zins, I found out they taste well with roasted chicken ;). I remembered this has been in the fridge for a couple of months and it was sent to us by BMW for appreciation of purchasing their fine automobile. Other than this wine they had sent us catalogues for new cars, club membership, BMW credit card application and some DVD's that shows the cars and the future for BMW. I really do like the way they treated us as of course for marketing and future growth they'd like to catch people like me in their net so when I get used to the treatment and attention they gave me my next car would be from under their shop too. Fortunately for them if ever we are going to buy another car their brand will be on top of the list, unfortunately though we're not rich so who knows ;) but this is a fact, no matter what I won't buy Benz. Our neighbor told us that their service is crap and that they didn't help him get his issues resolved with his Benz so he told them that if this is the way Benz treats customers they just lost one. He ended up getting a 7 series instead of the same Benz model, so after hearing this I wouldn't waste time on a Benz, I heard the quality is crap anyways.
On the flipside, there is a big chance that if you see someone driving very nice cars a lot of them are actually leasing the cars. Other that the fact that these people are probably liking the way they are being treated by the company or the fact that they want to show themselves as successful (materially). Personally I think there are three reasons to lease: 1. You're very rich and you change cars every year or so, 2. You have a business and leasing a car gives you the opportunity to claim the car as a business transportation, or 3. You can't afford the car so you lease it instead. And normally it's the #3 for a lot of people. Leasing is a waste of money as it's smarter to get a car that you can afford and keep it, because maintenance of automobiles are cheaper than the monthly of a leased luxury car. But it's a material world and it's sad to see people value other people by what they drive or have instead of the actual person.

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Blogger FunkyB said...

Your dealer sends you wine? I've got to stop buying Fords.

BTW -- I see that like me, you are a red drinker, but you occassionally dabble in whites. Might I suggest a great zin I stumbed on by accident? It's called Tin Roof (because they've shunned the cork) and it's surprisingly good!

9:11 AM  
Blogger Norman said...

I'll check it out.

7:14 AM  

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