Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mideast never stops...

Honestly how can one not have a stand on the current war? Yahoo have had a portion that contains the mideast conflict since years ago Yahoo Full Coverage: Mideast Conflict. One can even just view the slideshow in order to see how damaging it is to Lebanon's economy and civilian population and Israel's civilian in range of the rockets.
Personally I think Israel will not have peace in that area until Hezbollah is eradicated or reduced to a non operational group. The problem is they had six years to build up their bunkers and hideouts and as guerilla tactics goes they will be using civilians as shields and a lot of propaganda to put international pressure on Israel to stop their attack. Since they don't really need to beat Israel all they have to do is survive it will be a hard task for IDF to work on them and make sure they are destroyed as an organization, but time is not on their side as the current media exposure and calls from the international community for a cease fire will probably force Israel to stop their offensive sooner than later.
On this war I'm on Israel's side since Hezbollah, when it comes down to it is another Taliban and their aim is to eliminate or destroy the state of Israel. How much future can an organization really have? Just a hate organization? Yeah...great...and Lebanon can thank Hezbollah for brining them to this unnecessary war. I'm sure the future children will love to work in construction to set up the houses, buildings, roads and bridges that were destroyed in this war.


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