Monday, July 31, 2006

Red Sky

This weekend we were with family having a good time and enjoying the day. The weather was great, cooled down from the historic heat a week ago, the food was great, from carnitas, small clams to ribs, the wine was great, 4 bottles of cab and a pinot noir, and of course the company was great. I noticed the red sky (pics attached) and thought it looked really nice as the sky has been clear for most of the month especially during the heat wave. Only today I realized that in the other part of the world, Lebanon to be exact, at probably the same time we were drinking and having fun, the red sky meant tragedy. Instead of wine being poured blood was pouring from someone's body, instead of music and conversation screams and cries was being heard. The deadliest day of the conflict happened this weekend when IAF dropped a bomb in Qana and killed 56 people many of them children. It is very unfortunate that so many innocent has been killed in this war. We just hope it ends soon as both sides have their part to blame.


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