Saturday, July 22, 2006

In the News ;)

Same-sex marriage PIONEERS split:
Yes, yes I know same-sex relationships encounters the problems straight relationship encounter and the whole point of same-sex marriage is for their partner to have the same rights as a straight married couple with kids and all of that. I don’t oppose same-sex marriage, but when you pioneer something or considered to be a pioneer shouldn't you hold yourself in a higher plane where you really try and work it out more than the other couple to be the "light" or the "guide"? Well now the conservatives will have more arsenal to ban same-sex marriage and if more separation happens to these pioneers of same-sex marriage then the center will think it's not really a good idea as it won't even help lower the divorce rate ;) teheee....

U.S.A. President G.W.Bush activities:
After hearing his "thoughts" on the Mideast crisis through the open microphone he goes to do something to the GERMAN CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel that people who have watched SEXUAL HARRASMENT videos know this action as a type of sexual harassment. Well naughty boy, very naughty boy, thinking just because you're the President you can shoulder rub anyone. Shame on you. Angela Merkel's reaction is a bit funny though hehehehehe.....


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