Monday, July 24, 2006

It's so hot here....

25mm-F/8-4sec.-ISO100-w/Flash (created the yellowish effect)



It has been a hot week here in the bay-area, I think we have had 100+ degrees for a week now. Power outage across the board, some places for more than a day and others for a few hours. We actually had a blackout for a couple of hours today. This is the first time I have experienced a heatwave as bad as this one, last year we had some 90's and 100's but not for this long a stretch. The weekend was fun though, had some get together with family with good food and good wine.
The heat is really crazy, it's kind of a dry heat so even if the wind is strong it pushes hot air so it doesn't really help. Hopefully it will end this week, I read there have been heat related deaths already.


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