Thursday, July 20, 2006

Online Shops have great deals.

Triangle is the best base they say.

I got my tripod yesterday from Amazon and only had time to try it out today. It's a small tripod, SLIK SDV-20, good for travelling with nice features and just stable enough for my camera. It's light and would probably not be able to handle SLR or DSLR type of camera but should be able to hold P&S type very well. It's pretty compact just as long as an album and a book but when extended it can go well above 1000mm so a tall person can use it without having to bend. I was initially looking at Target and other retail stores for a basic tripod as I'm not a pro photographer, I just got into it and I consider myself as an enthusiast, but unfortunately their price is pretty expensive for their features and the brands they sell doesn't seem to be of quality. I went to Amazon to check what they offer and I was surprised to see so many options as I didn't know there were so many makers of tripods and so many deals. I saw the SLIK with a price of $11 and the reviews, brand and features were good enough for me so I decided to get it vs. the one I saw at target, a travel tripod for $19 and it doesn't even go as high as the SLIK one. So if you're looking for stuff it's always best to try the online shops first because normally they have very attractive prices.


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