Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mideast still raging...Welcome to the Jungle

In the news it's been all about the mideast war though I can't blame Israel for responding, I'm still sad that a lot of civilians are being killed on both sides. I hope the fighting stops as soon as Israel finishes their military operation against Hezbollah, besides they started the fight which was a wrong move as Israel's military might is world renowned and any malicious act will have dire consequences to that nation and their populace. I'm not a political junkie but a lot of people think that Israel is playing on the enemy's hand but I see it as the groups playing on Israel's hand and a distraction to the Iraq war. Israel now have the ability to attack Hamas and Hezbollah until they are satisfied and destroy the economy of Palestine and Lebanon, in long run after this military action the countries in the mideast will see what type of power Israel is and Israel's economy will benefit too as it shows it's able to protect itself from aggression which companies would rather invest in than unstable countries. The Iraq situation (
for now)has been set aside even if there were around 53 killed today because the news has been covering the Israel vs Hezbollah & Hamas conflict.


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