Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday Humbug! What's X-mas for???

I’ve been thinking about the holidays because I’ve seen people putting Christmas decors around the neighborhood. I remember when I was young and because I studied in a Catholic school that during Christmas we celebrated the birth of Christ, we had presents and all of that but we went to mass a lot during this period to remember the birth of Jesus. They told us that giving gifts represents the Three Kings giving gifts to Jesus because of their respect and admiration to the King of Kings, I did forget what was the gold, frankincense and myrrh stood for but I still believe that it should be the case today, that Christmas should be the remembrance of Jesus and what he stood for. It is sad to see Christmas being commercialized and that it’s probably Santa who’s remembered more during this season instead of Jesus, but for the reasons of capitalism and consumerism I’m a bit fine with this since this is also a period when a lot of trade is being made, though I would like for children to realize that it’s actually not about the gifts but about Jesus Christ (even other religion knows about Christmas celebrating Christ's birth), I’m not advocating Catholisism/Christianism, I am faithful person but I’m not religious, I would rather have the next generation not think of Christmas as just an extension for their birthday but as a remembrance of a holy person that did what is good.

Jesus and Santa


Blogger FunkyB said...

This reminds me of the conversation I TRIED to have with my kids on Sunday. I told them that Christmas was never about presents, and I don't know how that got started. They said, "Well, the baby Jesus got presents." I responded, "Fine. For Christmas you each get three presents: deoderant, air freshener, and a chicken McNugget fried to a lovely golden shade."
Yep -- shut them right up.

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