Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kitty Paws News Flash!!!

Tommy's Sunday Speak:

Pussy Cat Tommy is back, I've been having fun in my new home, I always play with Big Kat Brother Tigger and am not that scared of Big Dog Brother Diesel anymore. I eat and eat and play and eat and play and poop, which is always fun, I'm just having fun here and they love me so much. But Mom Kat fiona is still mean to us, even though she got fixed already she still hisses and whacks us around when we get too close to her. I always get boinked on my head everytime I try to get close to her. I hope she gets nicer soon, I'd like to cuddle with her someday :)

I've been seeing mom and dad packing up stuff in boxes lately. I'm not sure why? We might be moving out soon, they seem to be very busy lately that they have only taken Brother Diesel out only once this week. I do hope nothing bad is going on because I just love my new family. I even heard Daddy saying they might adopt another kitten just like me soon too :) That will be great, another pussy kitty like me to play with....

Well enjoy the pics, and have a good week.

Getting Tickled by Mommy

Pussy Cat Tommy Playing with Truck

Mom Kat Fiona resting after getting "Fixed"


Blogger Saint Eroica said...

i wish i have the patience of taking care pets... they are so cute!!! ;)

7:24 AM  
Blogger Norman said...

:) cats are the easier to maintain than dogs

5:20 PM  

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