Friday, October 07, 2005

Ahh Time to Relax

Fancy Friday:

It's Fancy Friday and everything went well today as it should be since it's wifey's B-Day. I did start at the office really early so I can finish work around 4PM becaues I had a walkthrough to go to, I was able to do cardio in the morning too. Afterwards we prepared and headed out for dinner in a nice place, Ruth's Chris Steak House, unfortunately I was not able to bring my camera which would have been fun since we sat close to the lobster aquarium (it's where lobsters are swimming and you can choose which lobster you want to eat if that's your fancy) and the big lobsters getting picked to be cooked. We had great food and wine, though our waiter was not as "experienced" as I liked, I asked him what kind of wine they have that would compliment my steak dinner and he offered me a merlot/cabernet combination or a cabernet, I would have expected him to offer me a Pinot Noir or Shiraz which does have a more complex taste and would give meat a peppery or deeper flavor but nope, all he said was merlot and cab. Or that could be it too, he might have thought I know nothing about wines seeing that I'm "brown", since merlot and cabs are normal table wines it was safe for him to offer me those. Well or maybe he just doesn't know much about wine too. Don't care much really, I ordered a cab for starters and Pinot with the steak, it was pretty good and had a wonderful time with wifey. Price is pretty ok too, around $80/person, not too expensive for a good dinner and we even have left overs because the servings was too large for us to finish.

We went to the mall too since wifey also wanted some jewelry or bags for her B-day, it was late though and when we were looking the stores were about to close so we'll probably go shopping tomorrow for her stuff.

When we got home I finished the bottle of Fortant French wine, I think it's pretty good really, I think it has a more fuller taste than the local wines I normally drink and better than the Italian wine I had a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably get their cab next week and see how it tastes, I hope it's as good as the Merlot.

Ruth's Chris Left Overs

Cute PEPSI can. 8 OZ. good way to limit the soda drinking too...


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the jewelry i wanna see... post a pic, please???? (kidding...) ;)

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