Sunday, October 02, 2005

Still Packing stuff!

Wine is Divine! The FORTANT Merlot is pretty good, I think it has a more fuller taste than the others I normally drink and I did notice that it does have a "stronger" vanilla taste compared to the other wines I drink. Maybe I'll try their CAB next time.

Packing Things! We have packed a lot of stuff but we still have a lot to do, I'm hoping to get everything set by next week so our move will be quick and painless. Wifey did a lot of organizing to make sure that unpacking will be easy too, she is pretty good with that.

Sunday will be done soon and work again tomorrow. It's the end of the month and as always we will be busy chugging along work. I just hope we don't encounter technical issues this week otherwise it will be a biaotch. Did some ironing or steaming rather, we got this steamer a while back because wifey said that it's better than ironing because doesn't burn and doesn't leave those hard lines on clothes but I think ironing is faster and I'm a guy and I don't really care if it has lines or whatnot as long as the clothes are kinda flat and straight. :)

Ate so much today, I better go to the gym tomorrow and spend an hour on cardio :P

Steamer Smoke!