Sunday, October 02, 2005

Kitty Paws News Flash!

Tommy's Sunday Speak:

Hi I'm pussy cat Tommy. I was adopted a week ago from the Contra Costa shelter by Mommy and Daddy Livla. I use to live in a cage but now I live in a very nice house.

I also have 2 brothers, Big Kat Brother Tigger and Big Dog Brother Diesel, and I also have a new mommy, Mom Kat Fiona, who seems to be angry at us all the time. Big Brother told me that it will just take a while for her to get use to me, but I feel that she doesn't really like me or any of us because she hisses at me and Tigger all the time, she still likes dad and Diesel though. I overheard Dad noticing how Mom Kat is grouchy all the time and Dad said that he will bring Mom Kat to the vet to get "fixed" so hopefully she will be nicer after that. I guess something got broke in Mom Kat Fiona so she needs to get fixed, I hope she gets fixed good so she will be nice to us.

It has been a great time for me, I still sleep with Mom and Dad in their bed because they always say I'm cute and I have to get very used to them, they also let me lick their lips all the time. I like licking their lips especially after they eat. They don't even mind me licking their lips even after I lick myself clean from neck to balls. I hope my other siblings find a family as great as my family, they love me and care for me and feed me and play with me all the time. I'm still scared of Big Dog Diesel though, he's really big and has a big tongue that he uses to get me all wet.

See yah Sunday next week!





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