Monday, October 03, 2005

Quirky thoughts at work...

We have a new person in the group, a replacement of one of the folks here that left the company. It’'s about time too since we’ve lost 4 people just within this year alone, some folks resigned and some didn’t get their extension. It sucks because its hard to retrain people to do the work that someone is already an expert on. Well that’s how corporate life is I guess, I don'’t see myself staying here forever too anyways. Besides I think the company I'’m working for is big enough that I’m just another ant in the colony which has its ups and downs in a way, ups you can fly under the radar and just work and get paid, downs you can’t really step up because the politics is very hard to get through or if you get through it all then doing changes takes forever because of the same politics. Blech!.

Currently I’'m more interested in getting paid more for my time because why would I be loyal to a company that’s actually loyal to the stockholders/investors and will probably cut off my pension if they get into a financial trouble while giving millions of dollars to the executive management. I’'m out to set my own finances straight and secure, but of course I have to look for a company that is willing to pay me what I’d like to be paid. When will that happen? Soon…...real soon...…biaotch!


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