Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Interesting News!

I'd want to be employed by this guy. He'll probably let me have a stepper in my cube. :)
A Finnish employer offers cash and perks to employees that have an active lifestyle or want to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

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After 54 years of being mistakenly imprisoned in a mental assylum, Machal Lalung was realeased and have reunited with a family member. He suffered from epilepsy and was thought to be insane, being too old now and have lost his memories he's just waiting for death to come.

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That's the problem when everything is put in a box. People 50 yrs. ago were probably saying he's crazy, he's shaking all over the place, he's not normal, let's put him in a mental institution. People should try to understand first and not judge.....Sad Sad Sad Sad....Biaotches....

Ultimate Fighter 2

For those following the Ultimate Fighter 2 series, well the Top Heavyweight that Matt chose, Mike Whitehead, lost. I thought he would show a great fight but nope, very disappointing. Oh well...check it out here: Ulitmate Fighter 2


Blogger FunkyB said...

Wow...how messed up is this first story? I'm feeling so ashamed right now.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Norman said...

yeah it's sad isn't it. Sorry I just edited it and placed it on the bottom so it's now the 2nd story :)

6:20 PM  

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