Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wine Battles.....

Winey about Wines...

I've read that Europeans is having a fit on a deal that lets US export more wine to their country. They say that the industry is basically already flooded with competitors that US wine should not even join in. They also struck on how "FAKE" US wine is since here they use 7% water to wine ratio and use wood chips to get the oaky, vanilla flavor."

Personally even though I'm very pro competition because I believe with competition the consumers win, I don't think the EU market should be flooded by our wine especially since its an old art form and it's a cultural heritage there because once "fake" wines enter their country and is sold cheaper then in order to compete they have to use water and wood chips which I think will kill the art.

I'm a novice wine drinker so I won't even know what has water and what doesn't, I grabbed a french wine earlier, FORTANT Merlot, which uses a screw cap (I rarely see these types, the last one I saw was from a table wine that didn't really have much taste). I'm not sure what the difference is with cork vs. screw I just hope the wine is good :)



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