Saturday, October 01, 2005

Packing Stuff

Pack Pack Pak (kitty packing with us)

Like most Americans these past few years we are also a part of the reason why Housing has been such a "boom." We (wifey and I) have currently bought our 2nd house for a pretty "penny" and we are in the process of packing. It's a great feeling but of course there is "fear" of the unknown on how real estate will play a role in our future. I hope it becomes a tool to let us retire early or accumulate wealth early so we don't have to worry about the nagging thought of a lot more "what if's in life."
A forseen issue in our move is our neighbor, we heard that he might be a "difficult" one, might be one of those who "complain" a lot. They're retired so that's what they probably do best, or they might be bigots who thinks that their "haven" is being invaded by the brown people. Whatever their issues are, I don't care, we have a lawyer ready and I'll have security cameras installed for the unknown.


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