Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bye Bye TV!

I was reminded that we haven't subscribed for any shows in TV when I visited Frugal For Life It's been 5 months now that we haven't had TV/DISH/CABLE subscription.
During our move to our current location wifey and I decided to stop subscribing and see how it will affect our lifestyle . We initially thought it might be hard because we had a good package before, sattellite with DVR (TIVO type of box) so we can record our shows and watch it when we have time but but surprising to say it's been better now because we replaced spending time watching tv for some other activities (we did subscribe to NETFLIX to keep our sanity for $17 vs $50+ with dish) .
We go to the gym regularly (wifey already has a gym body already), reading stuff, studying on my end (work related) and we've been going out and interacting more with friends and family. The only caveat is that when members of our family and friends start talking about a certain tv show and we're like "uhhh.... duh.... ok.....cardio is good!" but other than that it's been great. We get the news online, research online for stuff, watch clips of news and shows online, spend more time doing other things instead of just sitting and watching for hours. The one shitty thing I realize is that before there were channels that you don't have to pay to watch, the local channels. Now you have to subscribe for basic cable or local dish to get them...those bastards.... We'll see if we can keep this up...but for now it's not really an issue because it's not a need and we're doing fine. Keeping busy in a positive way!

Monday, April 24, 2006

BindleStiff! FOB Show

A friend of ours gave us free pass to watch a play named "FOB Show The Return of the Comeback". The skits are pretty nice (the play consisted of various skits) showing various situations encountered by FOB's (Fresh Off the Boat) or Immigrants, specifically in the filipino community. My friend actually directed a documentary they showed there too which is pretty cool.

I miss being in the theater, it's been a decade since I was part of one, watching them brought back nice memories ;) Cheers!

Art should be a Part of everyone's life.

Check the group at

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saving and Investing is good!

Yes saving and investing is good. BUT we only live once (cliche! yes, still very true) and with a friend passing away without hitting 30 and an another one's child passing away without hitting 2 summers it does knock some sense into you. I've seen my share of death normally from older souls when I was young, but it was different when you're young, you always feel invincible, unstoppable, superman, etc. etc.. Now.... years pass and hairs lost.... well you get the point.

Since we have saved well for our retirement (nope not millions yet) and have invested well too so it's time to "splurge" a little to enjoy the comforts of life. Since wifey likes travelling, and I like driving we decided to get something to bring us places and have fun going there......

Welcome, the new member of our family. eMily.

She's our new BMW M3 Convertible:
3.2L I6 engine 333(hp)
Winter Package
Amazing driving experience
6-speed manual tranny
We just love her!

Better double time on the gym before the summer hits ;)

Busy Bee!!!!

Busy Bee!

Yes that's busy with my new Job that I don't have time to post my blob.
Oh well I love my work, it's just the right time that I moved too. The technology is great, I don't mind working the extra hours just yet because I just love what I do. I do like my old job and I did learn a lot of things there that will help me and my new company going forward, but I need to upgrade my skills and be more specialized in my field so this is just a great opportunity for me to grow, develop and help my new home.

The book "What color is your parachute" helped me along too, it's a book that you pretty much know about but it helps you direct your thoughts and gives a good process of thinking too on what you want to do. You don't have to buy it just read it at the bookstore, it's an easy read too, but it might be life changing for you especially if you're in a rut. ;)