Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wallet Talk Wednesday: Savings with good interest rates

Well when I started my blog I had a narrow view on what I was going to put in it. I thought maybe money matters and some funky stuff should be ok. In a way as life evolves my blog evolved too and reflects current situations and environment. Since money matters has always been consistent in the parts of investing, saving, taking opportunities I have not written anything about money as they mostly float on the same idea.

For conservative folks savings accounts with good interest rates are the best place to put money in. I do have an account in one of the following:

Emigrant Direct 5.15% Savings as of September 2006
Presidential 5.12% Premier Savings as of September 2006
ING Direct 4.40% Savings as of September 2006


Last Year's rate:
Emigrant Direct 4.0% Savings as of 10/19/05
Presidential 4.12% Premier Savings as of 10/19/05
ING Direct 3.4% Savings as of 10/19/05



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