Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saving and Investing is good!

Yes saving and investing is good. BUT we only live once (cliche! yes, still very true) and with a friend passing away without hitting 30 and an another one's child passing away without hitting 2 summers it does knock some sense into you. I've seen my share of death normally from older souls when I was young, but it was different when you're young, you always feel invincible, unstoppable, superman, etc. etc.. Now.... years pass and hairs lost.... well you get the point.

Since we have saved well for our retirement (nope not millions yet) and have invested well too so it's time to "splurge" a little to enjoy the comforts of life. Since wifey likes travelling, and I like driving we decided to get something to bring us places and have fun going there......

Welcome, the new member of our family. eMily.

She's our new BMW M3 Convertible:
3.2L I6 engine 333(hp)
Winter Package
Amazing driving experience
6-speed manual tranny
We just love her!

Better double time on the gym before the summer hits ;)


Anonymous Ria said...

Hey there! Bill says "Nice bling bling!" hehe.

6:44 PM  

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