Friday, September 30, 2005

Trapped :)



The space enclosing us
Is about 12 by ten feet,
Where you hear plastic clicking
Against one another
With the speed of horses racing,
While spectators buzz on top
Their pedestal another one speaks
"Hello Sir may I have your account number?"
And another,
Having different voices in a
Monotone theme


Funny/Interesting News

Woman, 71, pulls car with teeth:
"Mrs Wang said she had been practising feats of strength with her teeth for more than 30 years."

Mr. Wang must sure be happy but better be cautious not to piss Mrs. Wang or else his "wang" would be in big trouble.


Mouse Grounds Flight for Over 12 Hours in Manila:
"Crew spotted a mouse in the airplane and grounded the flight for fumigation "


Piranha Bites Manila Airport Inspector:
"A pirahnah being smuggled illegallybit an inspector, giving him a nasty cut on his finger"


Fitness Clubs adventure

I sold my home gym set for cheap this week since we're moving to a new place and I don't want to eat up our garage space with my gym equipment. I've decided to just enroll in a club, so first I went to the biggest health club in the area, 24Hr Fitness, I've been here before when I got a free pass and it's a nice club, they have everything, pool, courts, etc. etc. But it's just funny how their sales folks act like car salesman. Here's the jist of the conversation:
Me: I'd like to know the prices of joining your club?
24Hr Sales: Sure, have you been here before?
Me: Yes, it's been a whileand I'd like to know your prices.
24Hr Sales: Ok I'd need you to fill out t is form...would you like a tour?
Me:[ looking weird at him] I just want to know your prices.
24Hr Sales: It's for release of liability since you're in the grounds.
Me [just completed the form then led me to his desk] : I'd like to know the monthly rate and yearly rate.
24Hr Sales: [starts explaining the facilty and the stuff the have, yadayadayada.
Finally I got the answers I wanted. 60ish/month and the have a promo of $999/2 yrs and around $300 I think for the year after that.
It took a lot of time just to get those figures. So to get the rate of another club close to the vicinity I just called them. It's Fitness 19 and it went like this:
Me: hello, I'd like to know your rates?
19: sure let me transfer you to our manager
So the manager tells me their rate is just 70ish enrollment fee then 19.99/month and there is no benefit for paying yearly. He also said that they don't have the fancy stuff like pools and such but their club has the cardio and weights equipment which is all that I need.
So I'll probably be joining Fitness 19 this weekend and jumpstart a healthy lifestyle :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005




Sweat drips slowly,
Down my burning face,
Muscles tense and twisted,
Knuckles extended,
Ready to strike,
Teeth grinding against one another.
I attack...
Pounding Concrete,
Breaking Bricks,
Kicking Braces,
Punching Walls.

Does no good, I cannot break out of the Dungeon


Technology at the Park

Park n' Bark
A decade ago going to the park meant spending time with family, nature and picnic. These times going to the park means another activity out of the house where technology is still involved. People bring their portable players, cellular, and other gadgets. I'm one of them, I have my pda/phone where you can watch movies, listen to music and call people together with my dog's "Tri-tronics" collar controller. It's still a good activity to do though, jog a little and have your toys with you :)

Pics to come.

Today, September 29 2005

It's been a busy day at work today, been here since 6:00AM chuggin along because the powers that be says that they need this thing I'm working on ASAP, like someone will die if they don't get it. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and it's very important to me, but I'm not a doctor, I'm not operating in the emergency room where every minute counts because a life is on the line. I take my work seriously but it's just crazy to put pressure on folks like me where our task will not save lives by the second. I personally think this is just how corporations now "squeeze" workers to be more productive and handle the job of 2 to 3 people so they don't have to hire additional workers. Sucks but that's how it is right now, especially with the economy not being all that great and jobs moving overseas.

GAS: Gas prices are so absurd!!! Filling up my small car now totals: $25! Good thing I'm not driving an SUV. WTF is happening here? Wages didn't go up as much (maybe for executives and CEO's it did) but for people like me! C'mon, Mr. Bush what the hell are you doing? Give us our fair share here, the oil companies that you have your hand in are probably making killings in profit right now. I'm just so PISSED right now at the current situation of prices, the economy, the war, etc. etc.