Sunday, October 30, 2005

Argh...No DSL, injured doing house work...

Argh...No DSL frikkin slow ass DSL provider, got injured doing house work...good thing friends went by yesterday... Had drinks and it's hard to blog on dialup :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Wallet Talk Wednesday

I'm sick, stuff to finish too so I'll just throw in a monetary related term.

"Hedonistic Treadmill"
1. People acquiring/earning extra or additional "cash" also increases their spending thus negating the possible investment opportunity effect of the additional income. Instead they purchase things they "always wanted" and the same thing happens evertime they get a raise or a bonus.

2. People tend to let money drive their lives and value material things as the meaning of life. These folks strive to be "rich" because that's what they believe defines them but it nevervstops because they are never satisfied.

3. People think more money will make them happy. Getting more money to buy the newest bag, car, jewelry do provide initial satisfaction but the effect does not last for a long period of time. The material things merely put the bar higher for the next product to buy, they see as more money is suppose to make them happy but this is not the case. Money won't make you happy, comfortable maybe but not happy.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Week of pain!

Week of physical pain:
Muscles that hurts due to: Workout last week Wednesday & packing + moving + cleaning.
1. Calves
2. Forearms
3. Quads
4. Hams
5. Biceps
6. Lower back
7. Shoulders
8. Upper back and Lats
9. Traps
10 . Pecs

I have no idea why I'm at work today, I should be calling in sick...oh well have stuff to finish at work though. We did have movers to move the big things, but with 2 houses to clean, maintian and move stuff to and fro man it's a biaotch.

Blogging will resume next week :P

On dial-up too while my DSL gets activated on the other house. I remember how fast it seemed years ago. Back in the days we were usi those 2800 modems and there wasn't even internet then, it was BBS :) NOW IT'S SLOW AS A SLUG.... I can't wait for my DSL to get activated.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Have a good weekend.....

No Fancy Friday Today...

;) This will be a busy weekend.... packing and moving :P

Will be drinking Fortant Cab later tonight though... Have a Good weekend...

Napa STERLING Winery

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Past and Present!


I used to write poetry about a decade back, and the funny thing is I found the notebook that I used lying around.


Thorns embrace my heart
As my Father's fist
Hit my mother's jaw.

Thorns embrace my heart
As my cousin bled
Her baby.

Thords embrace my heart
As my only Friend lay
Dead - strangled.

Thorns embrace my heart
As I hold my baby
Staring, smiling at me.

Pain embrace my Heart
For Roses comes
With Thorns.

EL 1998-1999

Interesting News:

For the HNT'ers (Half-Nekkid Thursday folks)

************** Taken From Daves Daily*********************

52 Percent Of Americans Have Posed Naked

HOUSTON (Wireless Flash) -- A lot more Americans have posed nude than you might think -- and that's the naked truth!

According to a survey by the Adam & Eve sex toy company, 52 percent have stripped down to their birthday suit for a still camera and 38 percent has posed in the buff for digital photos.

In addition, 37 percent have been naked in front of a video camera while 19 percent have been a nude model for a drawing or a painting.

Finally, 21 percent say they have posed nude but won't specify the situation or occasion in which they dropped their drawers.


Chinese Invade Japan:

A fake news site falsely reports Chinese invading Okinawa.

More Information Here!

Chinese Soldiers

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sad But True!

Additional for Wallet Talk Wednesday!

Millionaire Mind co-author RIPS PEOPLE via Get Rich Quick Seminars!

One of the authors of a book I like also does seminars that rips people off. Stanley Danko, the co-author of the Millionaire Mind is involved in seminars that are just used to sell their products. Blinded by money he's now like Robert Kiyosaki, just sells their stuff to your face, they make the money while you spend money thinking it will work for you. I remember getting a ticket for the same seminar here last year but wasn't able to make it because it was held on a weekday, and it was a good thing I didn't go too since we would have just wasted my time. Biaotch. What an asshole, donkey licking shit head.

Thanks Jonathan for the info!

Below is a snippet:

Hey I just went to this in Portland, OR. It is worse than you think. There are 4 speakers selling something. 1st - Buying stocks $3000 Kit. Had a list of best 25 from 2001 (Whoops) I wrote them down, only one made money. Free info on many sites.
2nd - Asset Protection $4000. Hey just fill out these forms in 15 min. send in and you can never be sued again. Yea right. Program. Set up Family Limited Partnership(FLP), Set up Living Trust. Put assets in Living Trust. Put Living Trust in FLP. Make Living General partner, Now put FLP into Living Trust. Buy on many internet sites only $29.95
3rd - Tax Liens make 16 - 36% per year safely. Kit $3000. Buy on the net <$300. 4th - Real Estate investing - You know this scam, make $100,000/mo. within the next 6 months. I notice this speaker was sending thier kids to good college to get a good job. If this is SO great, WHY? Kit $3000 to $6000. Any late night show <$200 these days I think. No autograph book. Just a cheap paperback at the end. Did you add up total cost? OUCH!!!!


Start Saving NOW!

Wallet Talk Wednesday

Save Save Save!

We do have a lot of our assets in real estate so we’ll be putting more emphasis in other vehicles to hold our liquid assets for the coming years (3) maybe. Let’s start with Savings account.

Interest rates are going up and so are the rates for savings account and CD/Time Deposits. If you are CONSERVATIVE about your money or want to keep your principal and don’t want to invest it in the stock market or other investment type vehicles, you can put your money in a savings account that gives decent returns, you can also put it in CDs and/or Time Deposit which should have higher rate but you won’t be able to use until the maturity date, you can pull it out early for emergencies but they will charge you with some fees for that.

We have an account with an online savings bank because of their rates, and its good to have money that you can pull out anytime for any emergency and get decent gains while your money is not being used. Our money in our savings and checking are what we consider as emergency money, it can take care of our bills for a few months in case of emergency such as accidents, layoffs, disasters, etc. etc.
At the same time we are restructuring and reviewing our retirement and investment portfolio with the cash that is coming in. Will talk about these next time.

For the beginning investors it’s also good to open up a CD/Time Deposit and put some money that you don’t need there while you think of where you’re going to invest it in the future. Whether business or market, by the time the maturity date hits you'll probably have a good idea what to do with the money :)

Just remember to:
1. ACT NOW!. DO IT NOW! Nothing happens if you just read this and think of doing it and not doing a thing.
2. PAY OFF YOUR HIGH INTEREST CREDIT CARD FIRST. If you have a credit card with a high interest rate pay it first before putting money in savings. Simple math, what’s the use of gaining 3%-4% if you have a credit card with a rate of 14%-20%. Use your credit cards for emergency situations ONLY, it’s BORROWED cash NOT YOUR CASH….or if you can leverage it for something good? 0% interest maybe? I've read people doing the 0% transfers, I haven't done it personally, normally when I get 0% rates I use it and pay it off before the last period where you loose the 0% and have to pay current interest.
3. Make sure the account is INSURED by the government. Normally Savings/CD’s/Time Deposits are insured to a certain amount. Most countries have the government insure accounts like this though.
4. Use a BIG, LARGE and INSTITUTIONAL BANK(s) if the accounts are not insured by the government. Though “normally” they have lower rates, this is because they are a lot more stable and have a larger capital where chances of going out of business is slim. Small banks normally have higher rates but if something bad happens to the bank you loose your mooolahhhh.
5. IF you NEED that money within a year or so its good to put the extra money you have into a savings account that have good interest. Put the extra that you won’t need for a long time in a CD/Time deposit which is also a good tool to use if you’re an impulsive spender. Putting it in a time deposit will make you think twice if you really need to spend the money and might end up helping you save for the future.

NO You don't NEED that IPOD NANO you're thinking of getting!
NO You don't NEED to go to that vacation, you just had your vacation last month, do it again 6 months from now!
NO You don't NEED that new Digital Camera right now, yours is working just fine, so what if it's 5 lbs.!
NO You don't NEED to go to that fancy restaurant this weekend. Is it your Birthday? Did you win an award? NO then why go? You can eat at home or somewhere less expensive. Go there when there's something to celebrate about.
NO You don't NEED that new car just because you want to impress the Jones', sheeat we can get a Mustang Cobra or a Corvette right now but we're not that crazy. Cars are not investments (well except for those very rare ones).
NO You don't NEED to go to a motel, just do it in the back seat of your car. (Joke!)

Whatever you're planning to spend this month that YOU DON'T NEED, save it and put it in a Savings account or some other investment. Hold off on buying what you want but NOT NEED for 2 months and you'll be surprised on how much you've saved. Buy them after 2 months maybe by this time you'll understand that there are some things that you don't NEED but just think you do.

Whatever and Wherever you are let's Start Saving and Investing Now! Prepare for our future, you probably already had a good run with living a hedonistic lifestyle right? Buying and Spending on things you think will make you happy? DID IT? Maybe, Maybe not.....

Save for your future and for you not to be a burden to your kids Biaotch. Your kids might not end up being financially wealthy so let's not be a drag on them when we retire OK.... Wouldn't that suck donkey balls ;)

Some Online Savings Bank:
Emigrant Direct 4.0% Savings as of 10/19/05
Presidential 4.12% Premier Savings as of 10/19/05
ING Direct 3.4% Savings as of 10/19/05


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Interesting News!

I'd want to be employed by this guy. He'll probably let me have a stepper in my cube. :)
A Finnish employer offers cash and perks to employees that have an active lifestyle or want to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

More Info Here!


After 54 years of being mistakenly imprisoned in a mental assylum, Machal Lalung was realeased and have reunited with a family member. He suffered from epilepsy and was thought to be insane, being too old now and have lost his memories he's just waiting for death to come.

More Info Here!

That's the problem when everything is put in a box. People 50 yrs. ago were probably saying he's crazy, he's shaking all over the place, he's not normal, let's put him in a mental institution. People should try to understand first and not judge.....Sad Sad Sad Sad....Biaotches....

Ultimate Fighter 2

For those following the Ultimate Fighter 2 series, well the Top Heavyweight that Matt chose, Mike Whitehead, lost. I thought he would show a great fight but nope, very disappointing. Oh well...check it out here: Ulitmate Fighter 2


Just in case you haven't noticed the footer of my blog ;)

All the contents of this page is solely based on MY personal/private opinion(s). I'm not a CPA, CFP, FA, Broker, Agent, etc. etc. Any information used on this site is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. Any action you take according to the entries in this blog is SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ready to Push!

Fitness Day Monday:

It’s been 2 weeks that I’ve been going to the gym to do cardio, this week I hope to incorporate lifting weights with cardio, probably a 3 day cardio 2 day weights plan. Unfortunately I won’t be going to the gym today because we did so many stuff during the weekend, help wifey host a party, cleaned up and had contractors work on some fix it things in our house so I’m pretty well spent today.

I’ve been using the Stepper and Elliptical machines for cardio because I’m concerned about my knees, it’s a known fact that running is a high impact activity for the knees and when I’m old I wouldn’t want to have joint issues :P I have added Fish Oil (Eating Fish Delays Dementia) as daily supplement for since it’s also known to be really good for the body and also good for the brain and I’ll probably be taking flax seed oil once I start lifting too.

Last week:
Elliptical – 20 min, Elliptical – 30 min, Stepper – 40 min, Stepper – 30 min, Stepper – 40 min.

Why Lift Weights to Loose weight?
Muscles burn fats at rest, combining both low intensity and high intensity workouts does a double whammy on the fat tissues. Actually if you want to be strict with diet and exercise there’s a good program out there called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which I used back in 2003 and was able to loose 30 lbs and gain good muscles within 5 months, check out for HIIT articles.
I was not able to continue my healthy lifestyle back then because of work, in early 2004 one of our supervisory manager left the group and some of his task were put on my desk, with meetings and all the stuff that came with it I was not able to continue my program which sucked. Also because it was a busy period at work too I was not able to do my routine anymore. Now I put health as a priority too since it's for my benefit long term, so whatever happens I’ll try and schedule a workout session during weekdays.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Attack Mode...

Kitty Paws News Flash!!!

Tommy's Sunday Speak:

It has been a rough week. I've been practicing stalking and attacking techniques with my Bro. Tigger, I've been hopping, hiding and pouncing on anything and anyone. I especially love pouncing on my mom and dad's feet, out of nowhere I come and grab a foot and give it the death grip and bite it. It usually end up with me getting shoved and thrown across the floor but it's ok they still love me:)

There are so many boxes in the house now, it's like an obstacle course for me and brother Tigger. Not sure where we will be going soon but it looks like we are definitely moving. I hope they don't forget to bring our favorite toys, I haven't seen my toys for a while now. I've been trying to get to the WILD too but mom and dad won't let me go out to the wild. They say I'm too young for the wild but I know I can handle it. I have sharp claws now and I have sharp teeth too, roar:) They say when I'm bigger they will let me go out to the wild.

ROAR!!! Pussy Cat ATTACK face. Be Afraid.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Not so Fancy Friday

Fancy Friday! Not so...
Well we are having some issues with the 2nd property that we have but hopefully everything will be taken care by next week. I was planning the night to be just having good food at home and drinking the wine that I bought (FORTANT CAB). But instead we went out with our realtor and had dinner and drinks at Chevy's Fresh Mex, had a good time talking and venting about the issues we are encountering from the squatters and drinking. Had enchiladas and 3 or 4 black russian which was good to get me to relax a bit and loosen up. It's still kinda fancy, not a good start of the weekend but oh well TGIF still...have a good weekend.

Blogger issues?
Seems like blogger has some issues with firefox. I can't post pics and the editor seems funky...hmm will check back again tomorrow...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blah Blah Blah!! Crazy Thursday

Idiot Drivers on cell phones

Yesterday when driving home and I got bumped by a truck, new Ford F150. This happened when the truck thought he could beat the yellow light but wasn’t able to, so his nose was over the pedestrian lane when he stopped and I was behind him, in my small car. There were no pedestrians then but the idiot was backing up, so when I noticed that he's not stopping I honked the horn which didn’t stop him from hitting me but made him stop before any major damage was done. So I got down, looked at my front, just scratches which was good, he goes down TALKING TO SOMEONE ON HIS FUCKING CELL, I told him "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DIDN’T YOU EVEN SEE ME?" obviously not. He goes I’m sorry (Still holding his cell) and asked to trade insurance information if I needed repairs. Seeing that the scratch was no big deal and I don’t even intend to get it fixed, I told him that “It’s ok, watch where you’re going!” Frikkin Idiot Drivers…..

Anger Management!

I noticed I get easily pissed of lately, I don't normally get pissed quickly but I'm not sure what's been going on recently . Maybe it’s all the stuff that that's going on? hmmm have to check myself before I wreck myself :) I hope it's just one of those passing times....

Man Wants Jail than be with NAGGING WIFE!

"A man sentenced to nine months house arrest begged a judge to jail him instead because he couldn't stand his wife's nagging."


Ladies, when you talk, don't talk too damn much! There is only so much our ears can take, and given our skull which is hollow, the sound will just bounce inside multiple times so any type of talking will be considered nagging.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Wallet Talk Wednesday

It’s been a busy week and a funny week too because I was given the chance to join in a great business “OPPORTUNITY.” Found out that it’s just another MLM recruiter trying to get me on board. It was QUIXTAR, and the interesting thing is that I learned a lot when I researched QUIXTAR. I also learned about AMWAY’s connection with ROB KIYOSAKI.


My view on Robert Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Guru, changed after reading an online article about him and his link with AMWAY.


It’s a good book to shake a person up not to rely on companies to take care of them especially now when pensions and health benefits are being attacked by companies that are having financial problems. Also, it’s a good STARTING book for someone who is interested in setting up a business.


1st Rob’s bashing on education. Education is a very important aspect of a person’s life both financially and as a part of society. Statistically people with college degree earns more than people that are non grads in their lifetime. Doctors, Scientist, Lawyers, Business Executives and Specialized Engineers are some of the most highly paid people in the world. Education is not only a benefit financially it’s also a benefit socially where people get to be educated on economies, environment, science, philosophy, etc. etc.

2nd Rob’s pimping of creating your own business. This is not that bad in a sense BUT remember, NOT EVERYONE can handle taking care of a business. 90%-95% of business’ FAIL within 10 years (info from some financial books I read a year back). Having your own business is also not a means that will get you rich. Example, you open your own store that earns a profit of 40-50K a year. You have to pay for your own benefits such as medical, retirement and life insurance. You also have additional overhead such as electricity, water, inventory, etc. etc. While a fresh grad of business or computer related field can earn 40-50K a year where the company will provide Medical, 401K, etc. etc.

I think he’s pimping creating your own business because he’s involved with Multi Level Marketing(AMWAY), His audio book “The Perfect Business?” contains nothing but pimping MLM as if it’s the becoming of the new business model. Saying that it act as if you really own your own business because you sell their products and get people onboard with you when if fact they just sell their product to you so whether you sell it or not doesn’t matter much to them because they already got their profits and they now have a steady stream of income coming from YOU and your downline.

3rd There are a lot of contradictions that Rob said. The RDPD says that he brought companies public but on the Guide to Investing he said that he have not brought a company public. So What’s What? Did you or didn’t you?

Liar Liar pants on fire BIAOTCH!

He’s only getting money from his books and his seminars where he’s pimping his products too LOL! He’s not a Trump, Buffett, Graham, Dell, Gates or Walton.

It has been my gut feeling that he really didn’t get rich because of his business ventures or investments but rather on selling his books, this could actually be true. I wish I saw this link before Here’s a link of the analysis on Robert Kiyosaki.


INTERVIEW WITH THESTREET.COM where he says he's retired since '94 but until now he's doing seminars for $20/person I think, and selling his books in those seminars too. Not that rich yet huh! Just full of contradictory statements.

I’d listen to Suze Orman rather that Robert K. Though Suze also just pimps her products too and doesn’t really give great advice to make money IMO. All she says is save, kill your debt, invest in something (she doesn’t even give specifics on what to invest in too), pay additional money on your mortgage…blah, blah, blah, but I’ll take her "TRUE" content than Robert Kiyosaki’s.

WHY I don’t like MLM:

I don’t like them PRIMARILY because of their methods of acquiring “DISTRIBUTORS.” They say you can earn this much and that much and you’ll be free and have so much money and time that you can retire early. That’s all BS. The ones that get rich are the ones on top because they provide the products and the downstream buys them for the full price. I bet I can find the same products whether they are vitamins, makeup, clothes, etc. cheaper somewhere else.

YOU WILL NOT BE A MILLIONAIRE BY DOING MLM. YOU WILL SPEND A LOT OF TIME DOING MLM TOO IF YOU WANT TO MAKE GOOD MONEY FROM IT. You DON’T OWN the business even if they tell you it’s like “Franchising”, it’s not and far from it. The owners and head honchos of the companies such as AMWAY/QUIXTAR, etc. etc. will get rich NOT THE REGULAR JOE LIKE YOU OR ME.

They should just SAY IT FOR WHAT IT IS. They have a product to sell and you sell it for them, that’s it, the way to make money is to either sell your product OR get some people to sell it for you and to sell your stuff to those people. YOU WILL NOT GET RICH BY DOING THIS unless you’re on TOP and get a large chunk of commissions or part of the management team that handles the channels.

MLM info Links:


THAT IS WHY I LOVE LISTENING TO ROB BLACK. He’s our bay area financial expert that has a show on KRON4 at 10AM PST and radio show at 5:00PM PST on some radio or on this link (online radio show):

Rob Black is a great financial guy because he tells it straight up, no BS. He’s not out there to sell stuff to your face, in his seminar he actually told us NOT to buy his book because we might already know what’s in it and he recommended us to buy Ric Edelman’s “The Truth About Money” because he said that it’s a better book than his. His seminars are also only $5 a pop and all of it is given to charity too. Why he gives all to charity, because he's rich already, he made all his money in the stock market.


We are not in any way shape or form millionaires yet. We are your average JOE, we are also not highly paid individuals, we are not Doctors or Lawyers or in a profession where we get SIX figures in salary. We have only followed good advice concerning various investments from books and going to seminars of those people that already made it. People who have made it don’t have to pimp their products or books to you so you should watch out for those who sell you’re their stuff on seminars that you attend. AND you don’t need that many books and products to buy in order to set yourself up to become financially free.

So why am I "attacking" Robert Kiyosaki? NO I'm not jealous of him, we also want to be "wealthy" and retire early, and our first steps were reading and researching which is what people normally do. But then why be misled by someone who didn't get rich by investing and creating a great business? It's dangerous to take advice based on his book, I feel sad for the people who just keeps on buying his products and keeps on making HIM rich instead of themselves. I'd like to also help other people with the same goals as we have and help them not to be mislead by the Robert Kiyosaki's of the world.
We have 2 houses in the North California (Bay Area) which values up to $1.45M BUT that’s NOT our NET WORTH, our net worth is less than our properties. We saved in order to afford getting the houses and we don’t live above our means. We have no other debt except for the 2 houses but we do have a large portion of our net worth in real estate right now so we will be increasing our assets to other vehicles such as mutual funds/reits/stocks to diversify our investments. I will talk about money matters next time and our path to try to become wealthy.


Ultimate Fighter episode 8

For those who love UFC and any Full Contact sport I suggest watching or following the reality TV Ultimate Fighter 2. It’s a great show where fighters compete to get a six figure contract and a chance to be one of the best in UFC. The last episode was great, the fighters were Luke vs Anthony for the welterweight fight, I knew Luke already had the upper hand because he seems to be more cardio fit than Anthony though Anthony were able to get into very good positions but was not able to take advantage of them. Great fight none the less, night and I’m expecting better battles as the show goes on.My vote for Welterweight would be Joe and Luke. For Heavyweight it would be hmmm Mike, Seth and of em....

Monday, October 10, 2005

Fitness Day Monday!

Start of the week again and a good way to continue the healthy lifestyle. I'll be continuing doing 30-40 min. carido this week without changing anything else. I'll eat no pork/beef on the weekdays, only chiken and fish for protein and protein shake too, but it's a free for all on the weekends. I'll start mixing cardio and weights next week, my body should be adjusted by then to handle cardio and weights.

Program for This Week:
Cardio 30 min- 40 min.

Food Intake:
regular food (no pork or beef on weekdays)
No Calorie Counting yet.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kitty Paws News Flash!!!

Tommy's Sunday Speak:

Pussy Cat Tommy is back, I've been having fun in my new home, I always play with Big Kat Brother Tigger and am not that scared of Big Dog Brother Diesel anymore. I eat and eat and play and eat and play and poop, which is always fun, I'm just having fun here and they love me so much. But Mom Kat fiona is still mean to us, even though she got fixed already she still hisses and whacks us around when we get too close to her. I always get boinked on my head everytime I try to get close to her. I hope she gets nicer soon, I'd like to cuddle with her someday :)

I've been seeing mom and dad packing up stuff in boxes lately. I'm not sure why? We might be moving out soon, they seem to be very busy lately that they have only taken Brother Diesel out only once this week. I do hope nothing bad is going on because I just love my new family. I even heard Daddy saying they might adopt another kitten just like me soon too :) That will be great, another pussy kitty like me to play with....

Well enjoy the pics, and have a good week.

Getting Tickled by Mommy

Pussy Cat Tommy Playing with Truck

Mom Kat Fiona resting after getting "Fixed"

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Good Week...

Joining the gym is great. I'm more motivated to workout now because I want to get the most of what I paid and I need to loose weight too before the holidays come :) Program will be the same as before, added cardio only for 2 weeks, 30-60 min per day M-F and Sundays probably, no changes in eating habits and additional workout until after 2 weeks. We are creatures of habit so have to do it one step at a time so it becomes a lifestyle again. :)


I've been blog surfing a lot lately, have to put up the links of the blogs and sites I normally go to. Probably do that tomorrow or later tonight. It's been refreshing reading things from other people's perspectives about things in life. :P I'll probably only add links as an addition to the blog, I'd like to keep it minimal as I've been a minimalist really. My cube at work only contains papers and stuff I need, no pics or anything personal from home :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ahh Time to Relax

Fancy Friday:

It's Fancy Friday and everything went well today as it should be since it's wifey's B-Day. I did start at the office really early so I can finish work around 4PM becaues I had a walkthrough to go to, I was able to do cardio in the morning too. Afterwards we prepared and headed out for dinner in a nice place, Ruth's Chris Steak House, unfortunately I was not able to bring my camera which would have been fun since we sat close to the lobster aquarium (it's where lobsters are swimming and you can choose which lobster you want to eat if that's your fancy) and the big lobsters getting picked to be cooked. We had great food and wine, though our waiter was not as "experienced" as I liked, I asked him what kind of wine they have that would compliment my steak dinner and he offered me a merlot/cabernet combination or a cabernet, I would have expected him to offer me a Pinot Noir or Shiraz which does have a more complex taste and would give meat a peppery or deeper flavor but nope, all he said was merlot and cab. Or that could be it too, he might have thought I know nothing about wines seeing that I'm "brown", since merlot and cabs are normal table wines it was safe for him to offer me those. Well or maybe he just doesn't know much about wine too. Don't care much really, I ordered a cab for starters and Pinot with the steak, it was pretty good and had a wonderful time with wifey. Price is pretty ok too, around $80/person, not too expensive for a good dinner and we even have left overs because the servings was too large for us to finish.

We went to the mall too since wifey also wanted some jewelry or bags for her B-day, it was late though and when we were looking the stores were about to close so we'll probably go shopping tomorrow for her stuff.

When we got home I finished the bottle of Fortant French wine, I think it's pretty good really, I think it has a more fuller taste than the local wines I normally drink and better than the Italian wine I had a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably get their cab next week and see how it tastes, I hope it's as good as the Merlot.

Ruth's Chris Left Overs

Cute PEPSI can. 8 OZ. good way to limit the soda drinking too...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Workout Days are Here

Working Out.

I love working out, I've been doing cardio for 4 straight days and it feels good. It has been a while since I did cardio consecutively and it feels great. I'm more energized and my body itches a lot now, probably due to fat getting juggled up and down. I'm planning to mix cardio with weight next week, probably a powerlifting program to make it a quick and efficient session.

Lotus Elise, car of the day I saw this car while heading home, man sweet ride.

Gay Priests Banned

Pope Benedict XVI bars gays from the priesthood sounds like a witch hunt to me. Pedophiles are NOT the same as a gay person, WTF is that all about.

I think the church should just be open to some form of release, priests are people too:
Here's some slogans for them to think about:




Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday Wallet Talk

Money Matters Not?

I read in one of those financial articles online, I won't even say where coz I think it's a stupid article and just a filler, that says that money to a degree doesn't make one happy. And more money doesn't make one happier than another person...blah blah blah blah blah.

While I do agree that happiness will not increase with more money IF one doesn't have issues with money in the first place. My opinion is that one should attain as much wealth as one can NOT for expected happiness BUT for unexpected events like emergencies, accidents, disabilities, basically for less worries. Think Bill Gates worries too much if medical premiums goes up next month? Think Warren Buffet worries if car insurance cost goes up double next year? Think both of them will worry about their kids/grandkids' college bills?
There has been a lot of hubbub about money and being happy when in fact money is not a state of mind and being while happiness is. Money is an object or medium used for exchange with goods, services, etc. etc. My primary reason to go to work is not happiness, it's to get paid and pay my bills. Happiness is in a personal level, family, friends, interaction with people, contentment, spiritual, etc.

"So lets all try to get rich without being a bitch, and hopefully Live a happy and wonderful life."


The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing (Benjamin Graham) > One of the great minds in stock investing. I have not yet read this book whole as I'm busy on something important but I'm familiar with value investing, random walk and efficient market theory.

The Millionaire Next Door/The Millionaire Mind (Thomas Stanley) > Great book, statistically gives how millionaires live. Good way to create a mindset if you want to be one.

Getting on the Money Track (Rob Black) > Starter book on financing and investing, talks about getting out of debt, investing in real estate and stuff. On his seminar he actually told us not to buy the book since we probably know what it’s all about, he told us to get his 2nd book coming out though.


9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps (Suze Orman) --> Basic info, can be taken from the web. Pay Debt, save, etc. etc. No Need to Buy This

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) --> Good starter but semi fictional and I found it contradictory to his other books. He's no Trump, Dell, Walton, Gates or Buffet so I don't think he should be relied on how to get rich. I personally think he got rich because of selling the Rich Dad Poor Dad books, and not for investing, real estate and growing a company. No Need to Buy This.

Baby Steps in Financial Independence

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Spayed Fiona....

Got fiona spayed yesterday so she doesn't get pregnant and hopefully make her temperament better. She's been nasty to Tigger and Tommy eversince we brought Tommy home, I hope she gets used to them and gets along with them soon because we're planning to adopt another kitten in the future. She use to be so loving with Tigger, letting him nap beside her and cleaning him up and playing with him. I guess she's just not happy having a new cat around.

Fiona bed rest.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Workout good, nice car good....

Gym Days are here!

I started going to the gym today, FITNESS 19, I had a pretty good cardio workout and will probably be doing daily cardio so I can loose my excess weight. Fitness 19 is pretty basic, nothing fancy, you pay $19/month + fees, they have cardio machines, weights and lifting machines and the normal shower/locker area. Good price compared to the other gyms, close to my work too so I'll be able to go there daily now.

Pic of the day. Lamborghini Murcielago I saw this car while going home today. Sweet...lucky owner...

Quirky thoughts at work...

We have a new person in the group, a replacement of one of the folks here that left the company. It’'s about time too since we’ve lost 4 people just within this year alone, some folks resigned and some didn’t get their extension. It sucks because its hard to retrain people to do the work that someone is already an expert on. Well that’s how corporate life is I guess, I don'’t see myself staying here forever too anyways. Besides I think the company I'’m working for is big enough that I’m just another ant in the colony which has its ups and downs in a way, ups you can fly under the radar and just work and get paid, downs you can’t really step up because the politics is very hard to get through or if you get through it all then doing changes takes forever because of the same politics. Blech!.

Currently I’'m more interested in getting paid more for my time because why would I be loyal to a company that’s actually loyal to the stockholders/investors and will probably cut off my pension if they get into a financial trouble while giving millions of dollars to the executive management. I’'m out to set my own finances straight and secure, but of course I have to look for a company that is willing to pay me what I’d like to be paid. When will that happen? Soon…...real soon...…biaotch!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Still Packing stuff!

Wine is Divine! The FORTANT Merlot is pretty good, I think it has a more fuller taste than the others I normally drink and I did notice that it does have a "stronger" vanilla taste compared to the other wines I drink. Maybe I'll try their CAB next time.

Packing Things! We have packed a lot of stuff but we still have a lot to do, I'm hoping to get everything set by next week so our move will be quick and painless. Wifey did a lot of organizing to make sure that unpacking will be easy too, she is pretty good with that.

Sunday will be done soon and work again tomorrow. It's the end of the month and as always we will be busy chugging along work. I just hope we don't encounter technical issues this week otherwise it will be a biaotch. Did some ironing or steaming rather, we got this steamer a while back because wifey said that it's better than ironing because doesn't burn and doesn't leave those hard lines on clothes but I think ironing is faster and I'm a guy and I don't really care if it has lines or whatnot as long as the clothes are kinda flat and straight. :)

Ate so much today, I better go to the gym tomorrow and spend an hour on cardio :P

Steamer Smoke!

Kitty Paws News Flash!

Tommy's Sunday Speak:

Hi I'm pussy cat Tommy. I was adopted a week ago from the Contra Costa shelter by Mommy and Daddy Livla. I use to live in a cage but now I live in a very nice house.

I also have 2 brothers, Big Kat Brother Tigger and Big Dog Brother Diesel, and I also have a new mommy, Mom Kat Fiona, who seems to be angry at us all the time. Big Brother told me that it will just take a while for her to get use to me, but I feel that she doesn't really like me or any of us because she hisses at me and Tigger all the time, she still likes dad and Diesel though. I overheard Dad noticing how Mom Kat is grouchy all the time and Dad said that he will bring Mom Kat to the vet to get "fixed" so hopefully she will be nicer after that. I guess something got broke in Mom Kat Fiona so she needs to get fixed, I hope she gets fixed good so she will be nice to us.

It has been a great time for me, I still sleep with Mom and Dad in their bed because they always say I'm cute and I have to get very used to them, they also let me lick their lips all the time. I like licking their lips especially after they eat. They don't even mind me licking their lips even after I lick myself clean from neck to balls. I hope my other siblings find a family as great as my family, they love me and care for me and feed me and play with me all the time. I'm still scared of Big Dog Diesel though, he's really big and has a big tongue that he uses to get me all wet.

See yah Sunday next week!




Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wine Battles.....

Winey about Wines...

I've read that Europeans is having a fit on a deal that lets US export more wine to their country. They say that the industry is basically already flooded with competitors that US wine should not even join in. They also struck on how "FAKE" US wine is since here they use 7% water to wine ratio and use wood chips to get the oaky, vanilla flavor."

Personally even though I'm very pro competition because I believe with competition the consumers win, I don't think the EU market should be flooded by our wine especially since its an old art form and it's a cultural heritage there because once "fake" wines enter their country and is sold cheaper then in order to compete they have to use water and wood chips which I think will kill the art.

I'm a novice wine drinker so I won't even know what has water and what doesn't, I grabbed a french wine earlier, FORTANT Merlot, which uses a screw cap (I rarely see these types, the last one I saw was from a table wine that didn't really have much taste). I'm not sure what the difference is with cork vs. screw I just hope the wine is good :)


Packing Stuff

Pack Pack Pak (kitty packing with us)

Like most Americans these past few years we are also a part of the reason why Housing has been such a "boom." We (wifey and I) have currently bought our 2nd house for a pretty "penny" and we are in the process of packing. It's a great feeling but of course there is "fear" of the unknown on how real estate will play a role in our future. I hope it becomes a tool to let us retire early or accumulate wealth early so we don't have to worry about the nagging thought of a lot more "what if's in life."
A forseen issue in our move is our neighbor, we heard that he might be a "difficult" one, might be one of those who "complain" a lot. They're retired so that's what they probably do best, or they might be bigots who thinks that their "haven" is being invaded by the brown people. Whatever their issues are, I don't care, we have a lawyer ready and I'll have security cameras installed for the unknown.