Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sad But True!

Additional for Wallet Talk Wednesday!

Millionaire Mind co-author RIPS PEOPLE via Get Rich Quick Seminars!

One of the authors of a book I like also does seminars that rips people off. Stanley Danko, the co-author of the Millionaire Mind is involved in seminars that are just used to sell their products. Blinded by money he's now like Robert Kiyosaki, just sells their stuff to your face, they make the money while you spend money thinking it will work for you. I remember getting a ticket for the same seminar here last year but wasn't able to make it because it was held on a weekday, and it was a good thing I didn't go too since we would have just wasted my time. Biaotch. What an asshole, donkey licking shit head.

Thanks Jonathan for the info!

Below is a snippet:

Hey I just went to this in Portland, OR. It is worse than you think. There are 4 speakers selling something. 1st - Buying stocks $3000 Kit. Had a list of best 25 from 2001 (Whoops) I wrote them down, only one made money. Free info on many sites.
2nd - Asset Protection $4000. Hey just fill out these forms in 15 min. send in and you can never be sued again. Yea right. Program. Set up Family Limited Partnership(FLP), Set up Living Trust. Put assets in Living Trust. Put Living Trust in FLP. Make Living General partner, Now put FLP into Living Trust. Buy on many internet sites only $29.95
3rd - Tax Liens make 16 - 36% per year safely. Kit $3000. Buy on the net <$300. 4th - Real Estate investing - You know this scam, make $100,000/mo. within the next 6 months. I notice this speaker was sending thier kids to good college to get a good job. If this is SO great, WHY? Kit $3000 to $6000. Any late night show <$200 these days I think. No autograph book. Just a cheap paperback at the end. Did you add up total cost? OUCH!!!!



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