Thursday, July 06, 2006

Photo Story: Zooland

Swim with me! Peanuts Anybody?
Long hot day
What to do?What to do?
Hang in there.

We went the zoo with our nephews, strolling around and walking around. The funny thing is that me and my brother might have enjoyed it more than the kids as we were having fun taking pics of the animals there. The kids on the other hand had fun looking but got tired after an hour and slept for some time then woke up again and enjoyed strolling around. I had a good time practicing various settings of my camera to get my shots, due to the fact that it was a sunny day the pics looks washed up and since the animals weren't as close and I'm not using an SLR cam I was just lucky my zoom goes to 12x so I was able to get reasonable pics.


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