Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Movie Marathon...

The long weekend was a good time to watch DVD's.

Here are my pics:
Starwars (Episode 1 to 6) - this will eat a whole day though
Lord of the Rings Extended Edition (All 3 of them) - this will eat a whole day though
Kingdom of Heaven - good movie to watch then read the news on the current situation in the Mideast.
BraveHeart - always a treat to watch.
Munich - another one of those, uh-hu movies.
Rent - Got Problems? Good movie to watch.
Phantom of the Opera - Got Mask?
Rabbit-Proof Fence - Ah life's a bitch, especially when righteous people are in power.
Smartest Guys in the Room (Enron Story) - watch this then read about how Skilling and Lay have been found guilty.
Walmart - know where your stuff are made. It's like a door to China.
The Big Fish - Life is peachy, make it a story to remember.
Secondhand Lions - Life is in our hands a warm hearted film. A very nice movie.
Rurounin Kenshin (compilation) - Anime that contains good story, good fighting and ending. Takes days to finish this 12 DVD set.

The weekend wasn't spent just watching films though ;) Just have to upload some pics later.


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