Saturday, June 24, 2006

California voters gotta vote

Every man gotta right
To decide his own destiny
And in this judgment
There is no partiality
-Bob Marley (from the song "Zimbabwe")

Are you Californian?
Can you vote?
If you're a resident alien and can apply for citizenship already DO IT! NOW!
Well it's time to take a stand, take your stand and register:

Vote for your issues. Vote for business. Vote for immigration change. Vote for green. Vote for schools. Vote for water. Vote for life. Vote for choice. Vote for power. Vote nuclear. Vote like you've never voted before (maybe you haven't and 1st time is a good time). Vote for rich. Vote for poor. Vote for religon. Vote for science. Vote for food. Vote for Fur. Vote for land. Vote for safety.

If you're just like me, a working middle class man, have no time to be a political junkie but just enough time to enjoy the weekends and prepare for the weekdays. I think we have stayed in the sidelines for too long, work, career and family life eating much of our time. Too much distractions that politics rarely enter the house, well politics is all around us now: Gas prices, grocery prices, road conditions, war, terrorism, soldiers, spying, marriage, etc. So let's have those in power feel the pinch, it's time to put who we want to lead so do not delay because this is our time. If you're lazy use the absentee ballot so you can just mail in your vote. Go! Now! For California's future. For our future.


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