Monday, June 26, 2006

Shopping in SF

Shopping Center Rest
Cable Car
Tiffany the Union Square Muse

What happens when two women go shopping?
My brother and I walked along the streets of San Francisco, walking and looking, just walking and looking. Street performers dancing in the plaza, religious groups discussing with people willing to talk to them, tourist looking at maps and street signs, shops filled with people inside, homeless sleeping under shades, a cat lying on a towel with a bucket in front for money. Unfortunately there weren’t much electronic shops in the area so there weren’t a lot place for us to check stuff out, we went to Ritz camera and Comp USA just walking and looking, as my brother tested out the digital cams there that he’s planning to purchase for his wife, he decided to get the Fuji Coolpix but he’ll order it online where it’s cheaper.
We walked again, looking and walking, back and forth, now I let out my Canon S3 we decided to take some shots and he gave me pointers in using the camera (he does photography too) which is good because I’m not too much into photography yet to try and decipher what the AF, AE’s, lightings and ISO’s are.
What happens when two women go shopping?
Six hours of looking and walking, walking and looking.


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