Monday, December 12, 2005

Fit Machine

Fitness Day Monday: Fit Machine

On the physical side, I was not able to do much workout last week due to some "circumstances", I think I was only able to do cardio twice last week, and during the weekend I was not able to do much backyard work either because my machine had issues. Something happened with my PC, I'm pretty sure it was a corrupted windows or a software that was corrupted becuase it reboots everytime I get to windows. I did memory test, modified the bios and all that nerdy stuff but it didn't help so it's pretty obvious that something got corrupted. So I decided to reformat it to cleanup the machine and reinstall everything. It took me around two days (yes two days, sat and sun, my main drive is 200Gig so formatting took forever already) to have it running with all the necessary software installed, from partitioning and re-formatting the drive, installing anti-virus to the personal database that I have running. Good thing is that I have an automated process of backing up all the files that I need into a separate drive so I didn't loose anything important, after the installation and setting up various restore points I ran some test and everything seems to be working fine now. Well I thought it would be around a couple of years before I had to do this but I guess with the stuff I'm doing and the testing and softwares that I install from those books I got did mess something up, mental note only install when needed.
So remember to always backup your files, if you don't have an extra hard drive you can just burn it if you have a CD or DVD burner. A Fit machine is important especially if you use it all the time and if you're a blogger :P .

"Jesus Saves!" and so should you.


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Your tag line was priceless!!! Hats off to you!

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