Sunday, December 04, 2005

Kitty Paws December 4

Tommy's Sunday Speak : "We're Leopards, Fear Us!"

Kiss Our Leopardy Butts.....

Pussy Kat Tommy the Black Leopard

Pussy Cat Tigger the Yellow Leopard

Ever since daddy cleared up a large part of the back yard kat brother tigger and I have been playing the Leopard brothers. This is a game we made up since leopard lives and climbs on trees and bring their food there we decided to act like them. We've been going up and down and running around trying to catch birds, but my left leg is kinda limp now so I can't catch them yet. Maybe soon when I'm better I'll be able to catch birds and stuff, I love climbing trees and watching dad clean up the back yard, sometimes I'll try and grab his feet but he always wear rubber boots when he does backyard work so he doesn't feel me scratching him. But anyways we are Leopards hear us ROAR!!!! Aren't we just cutties!!!!


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