Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Energy Saving gadgets...

Green Is In...One thing about energy saving gadgets that we've noticed is that they do work. Last year we had quite a high PG&E bill during the start of fall, I think it went up and above $200ish a month. This was all due to having a light on inside the house, sometimes forgetting to turn off the light somewhere and the use of the heater. So Decemberish of last year I decided to create a fusion reactor just like Doctor Octopus, the power of the sun in my hands,, unfortunately I didn't have the metal arms that he had so I wouldn't be able to control the instability of the fusion reaction and quickly thrashed that idea, instead I purchase some stuff that would help us reduce our energy cost, the stuff I got were:
1. A couple of those light saving bulbs-$10 (they are not as strong as the normal bulbs but in places where you don't need to read they are good to use)
2. 3 timer plugs-$15 (the ones that you can set what hours it can be on and off)
3. More efficient ceramic heater-$20 (patton is the brand I think, can heat up a big room well)

The light savings bulbs I got on sale and I placed them in the garage, hall way and bar area (since these are the stop that we normally have lights on). The timer plugs were used for the lamps and the heater so the lights go off by the time we head out to bed while the heater turns off and on in between a few hours to ensure that it will just be warm enough in our bedroom.

After these changes our bills from Jan to end of winter was less than $200ish, I think $150 avg. so it did really help ;) The savings can either go to investments or maybe restaurant funds...cheers


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