Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reaching Destination....Book-CD by Nerisa Guevara

I've been meaning to read something other that work related stuff for a while now and at last I was able to get my hands on a poetry book/cd combination that IS superb.
I was originally looking for Sue Elkind's book "The Final Season" but was not able to find it in stores and I didn't want to get it online but I guess I have no choice now, I love her book "Bare As The Trees" and would like to get more of her work but then one thing led to another and I forgot about getting the book, fortunately when I was chatting with my sister a few weeks back while she was on vacation in the Philippines she asked me if there was anything I need, then I remembered I'd like to get a book of poems, I looked around and asked if she could get me two books from Palanca Award winners Nerisa del Carmen Guevara (1999) and Joel M. Toledo(2004-2005) but she wasn't able to find any from Joel so she got me "Reaching Destination" by Nerisa. Thanks to my sister for the gift ;) The book is great, it came with a music CD or rather poetry-music CD that is just amazing, of course I'd be a litte bias too since I know the author back in college. The poems in the book was like a time machine brining me back to the places that I came to know. The images are great, the places are real....the whole work is great. To add to that the CD is such a merger of artistic talent, bringing in various musicians and have them choose and transform the art of poetry to music is amazing. Such a great and wonderful work, and for one person to fund, organize and produce it is fantastic.

Congratulations Ricci for the great work!


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