Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mass and Health

About a decade ago I remember reading about this bodybuilder who was a rising star. Now he's a runner-up for the Mr. Olympia, his name is Jay Cutler and he's one of the top guns for the bodybuilding sport. We went to a local competition on fitness and bodybuilding (our first time) and he was a guest poser there and he's pretty amazing, well a 300+ lbs walking mass is amazing. The rest of the competitors were great too.
I miss the times when I have time to schedule my workouts and go to the gym whenever I wanted to.

With rising health care cost and the country's girth size increasing I have to nail it in my head to go to the gym and eat healthy. I'm not planning to be a beef cake, just loose more weight and maintain it. I've always liked going to the gym and try to when I have time or when I'm not tired, now I should really push myself as I'm not getting any younger. Hopefully by December I have reached my goals ;)


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