Thursday, May 25, 2006


Yes, Ken "$$ The Laid Back $$" Lay and Jeffrey "$$ The Preppy Boy $$" Skilling have been convicted of their crimes of corporate fraud and conspiracy in the greatest corporate scandal in U.S. history. Though sentencing will be on September 11 justice is at last served if the sentence is heavy enough. Do remember that these two top dogs of Enron have depleted the workers' savings, retirement and health benefits, people could and probably have already died because of loosing their job and savings in the company. I say heavy sentences to them both, they are murderers of a different kind, they murdered their employees livelihood and future. Greed is good but not that kind of greed where you destroy lives and manipulate everything for your gain.

Ken "$$ The Laid Back $$" Lay

Jeffrey "$$ The Preppy Boy $$" Skilling


Blogger FunkyB said...

Wow... is that pic supposed to make me feel sorry for him? At least he'll be guaranteed three hots and a cot. His employees can't say the same, not all of them I'll bet.

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