Monday, May 01, 2006

Wine and Dine!

Wine and Dine Inhouse!

Our Relatives dropped by Saturday for a wine and dine session. Actually it was primarily for my wife, aunt and cousin to set up our cousin's baby shower. But we (the guys) were in it for the "get together" sessions for wine profiling.

NOTE: I'm not a wine connoisseur! We just love wine and the conversations that comes with it.
On our wine list for the day were:
1. Bogle Merlot
2. Wente Cabernet Sauvignon
3. Rosemount Estate Shiraz
4.Benziger Cabernet Sauvignon
5 & 6 Were home made Hyde Wine Syrah (2001 and 2002) by my cousin.

We were not able to finish the Wente, and the Syrah 2002 was given to our uncle so he can try it out because we had it a month back already.

Wine feedback: Bogle is good, a standard Cali Merlot which is good, just a complete wine in itself. Since we're so used to drinking Cali wines it's really easy to profile how they compare to the rest of the stock. The Rosemount Shiraz was full bodied, really full taste, not acidic at all and full flavor that we all agreed it's a great complete wine, and it's from Australia too which is nice.We'll be trying out international wines for our next session. Afterwards we went with the 2001 Hyde which was home made by my cousin, and it was really good. Very full bodied and flavorful, a lot better than the Rosemount as flavor comes. We did finish our session with the Benziger Cab which is good too, standard Cali Cabernet flavor.


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