Friday, June 09, 2006

Local Politics. Schwarzenegger-Angelides

Angelides (looks like Eugene Levy)

The Governator

Primaries are done I did not vote though but the winner is Angelides who will be facing the Governator for Governor of California. I'm not a political Junkie, this coming election will actually be my first time to vote because I'm itching to get something done for our sake, the middle class hard working people that doesn't have time to vote or listen to BS from politicians. Also because I read that the primaries made history for the lowest voter turnout and would like to help change that.

The Stand:

I'll be voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger unless he messes up big time because:
1. Jobs Family and friends were able to move from one to another with not much hitch. The job market is getting better and I see the difference. It's not like the dot-com days (which is a good thing) but if you have skills you should be able to get something going. If it's working why change it, right?

2. Taxes I don't want taxes to be raised YET. I don't think it's the right time, interest rates are rising, economy is improving slowly but more taxes will make me and folks like me to definitely not spend. Well I'll probably purchase stuff online and out of state where there are no taxes just to compensate for additional taxes if taxes went up, besides taxes are high enough it's the spending that should be CURBED. Maybe when the economy becomes stronger, yeah I wouldn't mind taxes but now, I think it's still shaky.

3. Difference and Looks Sorry but Angelides looks kinda like a rat and I don't want a governor who looks like that. Then he's also a millionaire, he was a developer and with some allegations of taking advantage of his position before??? I would rather have the richer one to be on the bench because the rule of BIG NUMBERS apply, if you're very rich already (like Arnie estimated at $800Mil) the next $100 million will be harder for him to get or easier for auditors to trace, just like his position on the Weider publishing company, I think a year ago he had to give up his position because he became governor and someone was able to trace his active position in the publication. I think Angelides is not "clean" enough or doesn't look "clean" enough to differentiate himself from Arnie.

My position might change, I have not done my research yet because I have no time right now with work and all. I'll be doing it before the election comes and I don't think it will change unless the Governator does something really stupid. Cheers!


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